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No.12, 2020
Featured Articles : Co-Bbuilding Disaster Information Through Stakeholder Collaboration ─  How to Takinge One Step Further Towards a Safe and Secure Society?

No.11, 2020
Featured Articles : Waste and civil engineering in 2020: Necessary knowledge for engineersa

No.10, 2020
Featured Articles : What is the true innovation required by infrastructure maintenance sites? An in-depth look at infrastructure DX

No.9, 2020
Featured Articles : Conserve, Challenge, and Change ─Civil Engineering Revolution Supporting Sustainable Growth─

No.8, 2020
Featured Articles : A Modern Look at Ancient Civil Engineering

No.7, 2020
Featured Articles : Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020: Toward the Future of Japan

No.6, 2020
Featured Articles : International deployment of infrastructure management technology: Achievements and future prospects through industry-government-academia collaboration

No.5, 2020
Featured Articles : Next-generation transportation and civil engineering: the possibilities of new mobility

No.4, 2020
Featured Articles : History of Japanese Waterfront Landscapes: Cultural and Ecological Life Based on Engineering

No.3, 2020
Featured Articles : An Anthology of Perspectives: Dams and Beyond

No.2, 2020
Featured Articles : A real world without originals: Rapidly evolving virtual reality technologies

No.1, 2020
Featured Articles : Megathrust Earthquake and Natural Disaster Preparedness: Intelligence Gathering and Transmission During Disasters and its Application to Rapid Recovery








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