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International Summer Symposium (ISS)

JSCE International Summer Symposium brings together young civil engineers from over 20 countries every year. Over 50 papers are presented annually.

The main objectives of the Symposium are to provide a platform for young engineers to examine technological advances and issues, to share their ideas and research projects, and to encourage them to find research partners and teams across languages and distance.

It is an excellent opportunity for young civil engineers to discuss their research projects, to acquire new perspectives and to network with their peers.

The 25th Int'l Summer Symposium in 2023

Date & Time September 14-15

・Hiroshima University or Hiroshima Institute of Technology (Paper Presentation)

・Hiroshima University or Hiroshima Institute of Technology(Workshop for Global Civil Engineers )


The 25th Int'l Summer Symposium   >>  PDF


The 24th Int'l Summer Symposium in 2022

Date & Time September 15-16

・Kyoto University (Paper Presentation)

・Clock Tower Centennial Hall, Kyoto University (International Workshop for Young Civil Engineers  )





The 23rd Int'l Summer Symposium in 2021 

Date & Time September 9-10

・Online (Paper Presentation)
URL: https://jsce.confit.atlas.jp/login

Online(International Workshop for Young Civil Engineers  )


The 22nd Int'l Summer Symposium in 2020

Date & Time September 9


The 21st Int'l Summer Symposium in 2019 

Date & Time September 3rd & 4th

・Kagawa University, Saiwai-cho campus (Paper Presentation)
Access: https://www.kagawa-u.ac.jp/english/22410/campus-mapaccess/22412/

Kagawa Prefectural Comprehensive Social Welfare Center(International Workshop for Young Civil Engineers  )
Access: http://www.kagawa-swc.or.jp/home/home.htm


The 21st Int'l Summer Symposium   >>  PDF


The 20th Int'l Summer Symposium in 2018

Date & Time August 29 & 30

Hokkaido Univ. Sapporo Campus

>> map→https://www.global.hokudai.ac.jp/about/visitors-access-maps/sapporo-campus-map/


The 20th Int'l Summer Symposium   >>  PDF


The 19th Int'l Summer Symposium in 2017

Date & Time September 11 & 12

Kyusyu Univ. Ito Campus

>> map→http://www.kyushu-u.ac.jp/en/campus/ito


The 19th Int'l Summer Symposium   >> PDF      


The 18th Int'l Summer Symposium in 2016

Date & Time September 7 & 8

Tohoku Univ. Kawauchi-kita Campus

>> map→ http://www.tohoku.ac.jp/en/about/map_directions.html

Sendai International Center

>> map→ http://www.aobayama.jp/english/access/

Program The 18th Int'l Summer Symposium   >> PDF


The 17th Int'l Summer Symposium in 2015

Date & Time September 16 & 17
Venue Okayama Univ. Tshima Campus, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology Bldg. 1, 2F
Progam PDF

The 16th Int'l Summer Symposium in 2014

Date & Time September 10
Venue Osaka Univ. Toyonaka Campus >>map
Program PDF


The 15th Int'l Summer Symposium in 2013

Date & Time September 4-6, 8:40-11:55
Venue College of Industrial Technology, Nihon Univ. Tsudanuma Campus >>map
Program PDF


The 14th Int'l Summer Symposium in 2012

Date & Time September 5-6, 8:40-11:55
Venue Nagoya Univ. Higashiyama Campus  >>map
Program PDF


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