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2016 JSCE Magazine

≪2016 JSCE Magazine Back Number≫

No.12, 2016
Featured article : Regional Revitalization and the Role of Academia - Knowledge and People of Civil Engineering for Building Local Communities -

No.11, 2016
Featured article : New Ways of Mobility and Changes to People’s Lives

No.10, 2016
Featured article : How does Civil Engineering affect our minds ?

No.9, 2016
Featured article 1 : From Reconstruction to Creation, Revitalizing Regional Areas with the Power of Civil Engineering
Featured article 2 : Two years after the August 20, 2014 sediment disasters in Hiroshima -Cooperation and support of Voluntary disaster prevention organizations-

No.8, 2016
Featured Articles : Weather forecast applied to civil engineering -Forefront of Weather forecast technology-

No.7, 2016
Featured Articles : Management for effective use of soils -Solutions for challenging issues-

No.6, 2016
Featured Articles : Expanding function of “KEIKAN” design in civil engineering as architecture for infrastructure and environment

No.5, 2016
Featured Articles : Thinking of the possibility of utilizing UAV in Civil Engineering

No.4, 2016
Featured Articles : Current status of historical studies in civil engineering - deepening involvement with society

No.3, 2016
Featured Articles : Challenges to "Unexpectedness" -Five years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Towards a safe and secure national land-

No.2, 2016
Featured Articles : Japanese knowledge and technology flourishing in international cooperation activity -Overseas challenges by civil engineers-

No.1, 2016
Featured Articles : New Era of General Contractors





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