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ACECC TC30 Seminar


・Date:09:00~12:00, May 2024, Friday (JST)
・Location:Auditorium, Japanese Society of Civil Engineers, Yotsuya 1-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0004,
・Zoom URL: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89929931853?pwd=ycaKJE86xfJqhUhWEbH9h2gzKT44x7.1
・Organizer: Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council I Technical Committee 30
・Co-hosts: Japanese Society of Civil Engineers, Korean Society of Civil Engineers, and Korea Expressway Corporation

Topics & Speakers

◆   Smart Construction Policy and the National R&D Program of Korea
  Dr. CHO, Sung-min / Director General of CSCT, KEC, Korea / Chair of TC30

◆   DfMA-based Digital Process for Off-site Construction
  Prof. SHIM, Chang-su / Chung-Ang University Korea (ex-President, Korean Institute of BIM)

◆    Intelligent Fleet Management for Automated Earthworks
  Prof. SEO, Jong-won / Hanyang University, Korea (President, preKSARC)

◆    ICT and Unmanned Construction in Japan
  Dr. MOTEKI, Masaharu / Chief Researcher, Public Works Research Institute, Japan

◆    Platform for Construction Automation, Autonomy, and Efficiency  
  Prof. NAGATANI, Keiji / The University of Tokyo, Japan

◆    AI-powered Fusion of Point Cloud and Image Analysis for Maintenance and Disaster Recovery
  Prof. CHUN, Pang-jo / The University of Tokyo, Japan / Co-chair of TC30