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Joint Seminars

JSCE has Agreement of Cooperation (AOC) with 31 counterpart societies around the world. Under the AOC, JSCE and those societies organize cooperative activities, exchange technical and scientific information and work together to solve engineering issues with broader perspectives.

In the globalizing world, we consider that it is practical and effective to collaborate with those societies so as to assist the members to expand their opportunites, to contribute to infrastructure development effectively, and facilitate a sustainable socieity. Strengtheing the partnership with the AOC socieites is one of our efforts.

The below listed is just some examples of the joint seminars that JSCE has held.  The Society also organizes regular basis seminars in cooperation with its AOC societies such as KSCE (Korea)-JSCE Concrete Seminars, CICHE (Taiwan)-KSCE-JSCE Seminars on Hybrid Structures. Recently the Society has had a seminar with MACE (Mongolia), and will plan more discussion opportunities in a joint effort with its partner socieites.

The Society implements the various forms of international cooperation such as joint seminar, workshop, technical exchange and post-disaster study and disaster recovery assistance, and will enhance this effort to be more responsive to the needs of society.

International Activities Committee (IAC) a major role in JSCE's internatioanl activity continues its effort working with committees in Research and Project Coordination Division.  It has received support from International Scientific Exchange Fund since 2004.

Joint Seminars


  • Joint seminar on maintenance of concrete structures - Utilization of the knowledge of Standard Specification for Concrete structures of JSCE -(w/ JSCE's Philippines Section and the Concrete Committee, Aug 26) 
  • IABSE-JSCE Joint Conference on Advances in Bridge Engineering-III (w/ EIB and Committee on Hybrid Structures, Aug 21-22)
  • The 1st Vietnam-Japan International Workshop for Sustainable Ocean Development and Disaster-Environmental Risk Management (w/ VFCEA and Committee on Ocean Development, Jan 13)


  • 2014 PICE-JSCE Joint Seminar on Field Surveys, Analysis and Mitigation Strategies for Typhoons and other Coastal Hazards in the Philippines and Japan (w/ PICE and Coastal Engineering Committee, Nov 28) 
  • EIT-JSCE Joint International Symposium on International Human Resource Development for Disaster-Resilient Countries 2014 (w/ EIT and Committee on Rock Mechanics, Aug 25-26)
  • The 3rd International Joint Seminar Leading the Way in Indonesia – Empowering Local Government to Manage Local Infrastructure (w/ PII and The Construction Management Committee, Mar 5)


  • JSCE–VCA Joint seminar for introduction of JSCE's Standard Specifications for Concrete Structures and latest technologies (w/ VCA and Concrete Committee, Sept 19-20)
  • 1st Vietnam-Japan Joint Workshop on Construction Management (w/ VFCEA and Costruction Management Committee, Mar 1)
  • 2nd International Joint Seminar - The Myth and Reality of Quality Assurance Systems in Construction Projects (w/ Indonesia Section, MPW, ITB and The Construction Management Committee, Feb 27)


  • ICE-JSCE International Symposium 2012 "Resilient and adaptive society to great natural disaster - Infrastructure development considering public responses -" (w/ ICE and The Infrastructure Planning Committee, Nov 15-16)
  • Resilient and Adaptable Society: Infrastructure and User Responses (w/ ICE and  The Infrastructure Planning Committee, Oct 29-30)
  • EIT-JSCE Joint Seminar on "Design, Maintenance and Strengthening of Bridges in Thailand and Japan" (w/ EIT and Committee on Structural Engineering, Aug 23)


  • Joint Seminar by JSCE, PII, BP KONSTRUKSI and ITB on "Framework Development of Public Works Procurement System in Indonesia" (w/ PII and The Constrution Management Committee, Nov 23-24)
  • Joint Seminar on Damage of Concrete Structure due to Recent Big Earthquakes in Japan and Seismic Design based on JSCE Standard Specification (w/ EIT and The Concrete Committee, Aug 17)
  • Cambodia-Japan Joint Seminar on Bridge Engineering (w/ MPWT and Committee on Steel Structures, Mar 30)


  • Joint Seminar on Building Information Modeling and Changing Construction Practices (w/ HKIE and Committee on Information Utilizing Technology, Dec 15-17)
  • IABSE-JSCE Joint Conference on Advances in Bridge Engineering-II  (w/ IABSE and Committee on Steel Structures, Aug 9)
  • Joint Symposium on Concrete Engineering (w/ TCCE and Concrete Committee, Jun 9)