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Environmental Award


This award is presented in recognition of individuals and/or groups for their significant contributions to the preservation of natural environment and the creation of richer and healthier natural environment with newly developed technologies and systems which have make it possible to reduce environmental loads.


This award is to be presented to outstanding and unique projects that have made significant contributions to the preservation of natural environment and the creation of richer and healthier natural environment.

  • 2022 Winners
    1. Development of the Net Buffer Method for suppressing internal erosion and collapse behind seawalls and quaywalls through caisson joint wave reduction
    2. Development of quality attainment technology for concrete structures by accelerating PDCA cycle utilizing digital data (CONCRETE@i🄬)
    3. Development of Unmanned Laser Decontamination System
    ―Realization of High Contaminated Flange Tank Dismantling at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant―
    4. Development of high-strength environment-friendly concrete with significantly reduced CO2 emissions and practical development by secondary productization
    5. Development of Construction 3D Printing Technology using Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Composites
  • 2021 Winners
    1. Development of a clean-up technology for groundwater contaminated with chlorinated ethylenes using Dehalococcoides sp. strain UCH007
    2. Development of cast-in-place geopolymer concrete
    3. Development of thermally enhanced in situ bioremediation technology for soil and groundwater contamination with less CO2 emission
    4. Development of dust prevention and land covering materials with biodegradability and weather durability
    5. Technology for continuous and immediate identification of various soil types from clay to sandy soil (Automatic soil type identification system)
    1. Project on improving coastal marine environments using granulated coal ash (Hi-Beads)
    2. Collaborative research project on "reviving a rich sea" through public-private partnership Initiatives of Improvement of Marine Environment by Steel Slag Products and Environmental Education
  • 2020 Winners
    1. Development of a Water Monitoring System Based on Rapid, High-precision, and Comprehensive Detection of Pathogenic Microorganisms
    2. Techniques of Creating and Operating a Firefly Biotope at a Reservoir by Using Groundwater as well as Measuring a Regional Contribution
    3. Development of Environmentally Friendly Tail Grease
    1. A New Form of Industrial Park Development Coexisting with Nature - Initiatives in Eco Factory Mt. Fuji -
    2. Realization of SDGs and Improvement of Productivity by Using Paper as Construction Materials
    3. Development and Practical Application of Geomembrane Seam Evaluation Technology to Ensure the Construction of a Safe and Secure Landfill with Social Acceptance
  • 2019 Winners
    1. Development of "Water Surface Control Device" which is a sewer technology to contribute to water environment improvement and global technology expansion
    2. Development of Low Carbon Concrete "ECM (Energy・CO2 Minimum) Concrete" with Low CO2 Emission and High Durability
    3. Development of low-cost high-performance thermal well and heat pump system for aquifer thermal energy storage systems.
    1. Transforming our world by reducing garbage.-Nationwide expansion and standardization of Eco-friendly Blast Technology.
    2. Hydrogen Supply Chain System from Cattle Manure~Development of a sustainable community in an agricultural region , Hokkaido~
  • 2018 Winners
    1. Development and Actual Utilization of the Electrically Charged Micromist 'Micro EC Mist' System
    2. Development of a treatment system for heavy-metal contaminated muddy water using a small magnetic separator and regenerating technique of iron-powder”
    1. Waste Recycling System for Shochu distilled spirit – its construction and operation -
  • 2017 Winners
    1. Demonstration on a soil improvement and sieving system using a new high functional soil improvement additive on agricultural soil of high moisture content and viscosity
    2. Development and practical application of “Environmentally Active Concrete containing Amino Acid” to realize “environmental consideration” integrated with “disaster prevention”
    1. Environmental Conservation Measures Considering Biodiversity on the Construction of Kyogoku Pumped-storage Hydroelectric Power
  • 2016 Winners
    1. Development and Application of Remediation Technique of Heavy-Metals-Contaminated Soil Using Superconducting Magnetic Separation and Iron Powder
    2. Development of the faster groundwater remediation techniques and their safety evaluation methods for bioremediation of VOCs-contaminated groundwater.
    3. Study on re-vegetation technology of slopes with cement and wood chips, “Chipcrete”.
    1. Project of the risk management and communication of radio-cesium contaminated soils from road maintenance in Fukushima.
    2. Sustainable Development Project Utilizing Combined Environmental Technologies for Oilfields in the Sultanate of Oman
    3. Design, build, and operate “Ecore Kumamoto”- a landfill site in northern Kumamoto Prefecture which contributes to and harmonizes with the surrounding area, and serves as an example of environmental best practices.
  • 2015 Winners
    1. Practical research of decontamination technology for radioactive cesium-enriched fly ash with the hybrid nanoparticles as a magnetically-guidable decontaminant
    1. Construction Project for Prolonging the Shinkaimen Landfill Site in the Port of Tokyo by Accelerating Consolidation Settlement of Clayey Soil
    2. Hirono-machi Clean Project: Aiming for early return of the townspeople
    3. Mimikawa River Integrated Sediment Management Plan “The Betterment of the Mimikawa River - Connecting the Forest, Dams, River and the Sea”
  • 2014 Winners
    1. Development of a new technology to restore coral communities using the artificial base called "Coral netⓇ" and Habitat Suitability Index (HSI) model
    2. Study on a New Environment-Friendly Concrete without Portland Cement
    1. “Smart Recycling System of Disaster Waste”
    2. Construction of Japan’s largest covered final landfill site “Eco-park Kagoshima” that is friendly to the environment.
    3. Technology Development for Production and Dissemination of Highly Durable Concrete Mixtures Using High Quality Fly Ashes in the Hokuriku District
    4. Kushiro Wetland Restoration Project (Kayanuma District Old Channel Restoration)
    5. Reduction of carbon dioxide emission and contribution to the promotion of resource-recycling society by introducing biodiesel fuel for machines in construction sites.
  • 2013 Winners
    1. Integrated Research on the Gokasegawa River System -maintenance, management, and restoration of the river environment-
    2. Development of a Production Technology for Cement Hardener Using Concrete Rubble Effectively
    1. Project for remediation of soil damaged by tsunami due to the Great East Japan Earthquake applying the saline soil Improvement technology that makes use of woodchip-mixed materials
    2. The Completion of Ohashi "Green" Junction, harmonizing with Urban Environment
    3. Development and practical use of "Blast-Wave Eater (BWE)" that can greatly decrease low frequency sound generated by tunnel blast
    4. Project of Artificial Tidal Flat based on sites for growing up Manila Clam continously
  • 2012 Winners
    1. New ecological concrete that reduces CO2 emissions below zero level “CO2-SUICOM”; New method for CO2 capture and storage
    2. Development of environmentally friendly and recirculating biological denitrification system for water treatment in aquatic breeding facilities
    1. Constructing Shinkansen bridge considering conservation of endangered species, Black-faced Spoonbill-Kyushu Shinkansen, Hikawa Bridge-
    2. Creation of a large-scale green roof with bio-diversity consciousness in the city area
    3. The improvement of fishway facilities and its monitoring in Miyanaka intake-dam to harmonize the river environment and hydropower.
    4. Development of “UE-Net” Urban Ecological Network Simulation System and its application to urban greening
  • 2011 Winners
    1. Mitigation for the Endangerd Tigger Beetle Cicindela Lewisi on the Second Marinpia Okinosu Project
    2. The Development and Commercialization of a New Special Foaming Agent, Eco-Mousse, Achieving Reduction of Environmental Impact to the Level of 1/25 in Shield Tunneling Method.
    3. Creation and Management of "Ohashi Sato no Mori", Restored Green Spaces on the Rooftop of Ohashi Junction’s Ventilation Building on the Central Circular Route of Metropolitan Expressway
    1. A Study on the Greenspace Management of Urban Infrastructure Using Animals
    2. Coral and Seagrass Preservation Projects Around a Subtropical Offshore Island
  • 2010 Winners
    1. Development of remedial techniques for cyanide-contaminated soil and groundwater at a former coal gas manufacturing plant
    2. Active Noise Control of Construction Machine Noise
    3. A Project for Washing Soil Contaminated by Transformer Insulation Oil using High-Pressure Water
    4. The invention of absorption apparatus for sudden bump noise -Reduction of Noise Emissions from Bridge Expansion Joint-
    5. Preparation ,promotion and management of minuma-tambo biotope at saitama new urban center Line of the Metropolitan Expressway.
    6. Effective utilization of sludge emitted during Column Jet Grout method as subgrade materials after granular solid and fluidization treatments
    7. Construction of environmental preservation type dam for symbiosis with nature and evaluation based on monitoring study - Tokuyama Dam -
    8. Development of Smart Site System for CO2 Reduction on Construction Site and its Application to Dam Project
    1. Research and development of microbial DNA markers associated with methane leakage from methane hydrates in the deep sea.
  • 2009 Winners
    1. Development of High-Performance Methane Fermentation System without Dilution by Water for Food Waste including High Content of Protein
    2. Landscape in expressway using of indigenous seedlings for conservation of biodiversity
    3. Atmospheric environmental preservation by the new NO2 removal system set up in urban expressway tunnel ventilation stations -The Central Circular Shinjuku Route of Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway-
    4. Development of the turbid water processing technology by environmentally friendly chitosan flocculants and the advanced utilization technology of dewatered sludge cakes
    5. The using method of industrial waste for forest ecosystem by the recycle technology, "Taihi-Suttle"
    6. The resolution project of  dioxins  contaminated  soils at SHIN-WADAMISAKI pump place.
    7. Eco-friendly RC Segments using Recycled PET Fiber
    1. Development of Slope Protection Technique Using Recycling Tatami-mat and Afforestation for High Biodiversity.
  • 2008 Winners
    1. Development of New Water Retentive Pavement System Utilizing Sludge from Water Purification Plants
    2. Environment-Symbiotic Seawall
    3. Development and Practical Use of Snow-Melting System Using Underground Thermal Energy Stored in Summer
    4. Shirakawa Groundwork in Nishibaru School District
    5. Urgent Bali Beach Conservation Project
    1. Development and Practical Application of Bio-Neutral Method for Effective Use of Construction Sludge

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