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About Us


Benefits and Services

JSCE membership includes various advantageous benefits, services and discounts. Also, members can have a number of opportunities to become involved in the JSCE activities, to contribute to their own professional development and to work with engineers throughout the world.

If you become a member of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers, you will be able to receive the following benefits and services:

  1. You can publish your research and investigation results in the JSCE journal or in other JSCE publications, or present them at various meetings.
  2. You can participate in numerous events, such as lectures, symposiums, and meetings held for research presentations organized by JSCE committees.
  3. You will receive a free copy of the JSCE magazine, "Civil Engineering" in Japanese. In addition, you will receive a discount when subscribing to any of the JSCE journals.
  4. You will be entitled to the services of JSCE Civil Engineering Library free of charge by presenting your membership card. (Lending service, however, is not available.)
  5. Publish reports and express opinions based on his/her accumulated expertise and experience, and live up to his/her own beliefs and conscience.
  6. You will receive membership discount rates when purchasing JSCE publications directly.
  7. You will be entitled to any benefits and services extended to JSCE from overseas institutions / societies of which JSCE holds cooperation agreements with.
  8. You will receive special discounts on courses offered in the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Programs.

How to Apply

JSCE membership can be applied by Online Application System.

Online Application
Both Individual Regular Mambership and Student Membership can be applied through this Online Application System.
Please visit the following website.

1. Membership Requirements

1. Individual Regular Member:

1.   Extensive knowledge and experience in civil engineering

2.   Extensive professional practice of civil engineering after completing courses in civil engineering or related disciplines in higher education

  1. a) and/or b)

2. Student Member:

Those who currently are studying in a civil engineering program in university, college, technical institution, high school, or other schools in the civil engineering discipline.

2. Registration Fees and Membership Fees

JSCE's fiscal year starts on April 1 and ends on March 31.

  Individual Regular Member Student Member
Application fee ¥1,000 Free
Annual fee ¥12,000 (¥1,000 per month) ¥6,000 (¥500 per month)
Shipping & handling fees ¥3,900 (¥325 per month) ¥3,900 (¥325 per month)

* Applicable to overseas members

  1. Application may be processed after the payment of Registration and Annual Membership fees is confirmed. The application process usually takes one month to complete. Full payment must be made prior to, or at the time of application submission.
  2. If application is made at the end of fiscal year (Jan.1- March 31), the annual membership fee for the following fiscal year must be paid. If the payment has not been received by Membership Section, application process may be suspended.
  3. Annual membership fee covers a subscription to the monthly JSCE magazine “Civil Engineering” (in Japanese). Shipping and handling fees are charged to the members residing outside Japan.
    If anyone applies for Individual Regular Membership or Student membership at any time during the fiscal year, he/she must indicate in the application form which month he/she would like to begin a subscription to “Civil Engineering” and/or the JSCE journals. The membership fees should be computed on the basis of 1/12 annual membership fee multiplied by the months of the indicated month to March, and be paid together with registration fee and if necessary, shipping and handling fees.  Note: Regular Individual and Student membership fees have been revised since 2007.
    The revised membership fees are applicable to non-Japanese Regular Individual and Student members residing outside Japan. Please refer to the table clicking!: JSCE Membership Fees - Non-Japanese members residing outside Japan
  4. From the second year of their membership, the members will receive an invoice for their annual membership fee and JSCE journals subscription fees at the beginning of each fiscal year.
  5. For payment, please use the attached bank transfer application form. A bank check may be used for overseas remittance to the bank:
Bank Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Branch Yotsuya Branch
Acount Japan Society of Civil Engineers
Acount No. 1004632
Address 3-3-1, Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

* Please provide the applicant's last and first name and our invoice number on the bank transfer application form.

Credit card payment is now available! (for overseas members' use only)
Please indicate which card the applicant will use, VISA or MasterCard, and provide the cardholder's name, card number, expiration date and the applicant's signature on the application form.

3. Previleges for JSCE membership

  1. Members receive the monthly JSCE magazine "Civil Engineering" (in Japanese), in which JSCE’s events, activities and other information are introduced.
  2. Members receive subscription discount on the JSCE journals (in Japanese) or other English journals when purchasing an annual subscription to one of those journals.
  3. Members have access to the JSCE Civil Engineering Library free of charge. Please present his/her JSCE membership card at the circulation desk at entering the library.
    *Please note that books and materials in the library are reference only, not for circulation.
  4. Members may purchase JSCE publications at discounted prices. Please place an order directly to Publication Section by email or fax.
  5. Members may participate in JSCE-sponsored/ co-sponsored meetings, conferences, symposiums, lectures, workshops, etc. by paying discounted admission or registration fees, and may purchase texts at discounted prices.

4. JSCE Journals

Since April 2006, all JSCE journals have been published CD-ROMs; they are not available in print any longer. Only the members who have purchased an annual subscription* to the journals can get access to the electronic versions on J- Stage prior to CD-ROM versions to be published. If those who would like to obtain the journals before any other members do, this may be the option for them. Please contact Membership Section by postal mail, fax, or email** including name, membership number and the intention to purchase an annual subscription.

* Annual subscription is available to only Individual Regular Members.
** Email application will be available soon.

Division Fields
A Structural Engineering & Earthquake Engineering (structural, mechanics, applied mechanics, etc.)
B Hydraulic & Sanitary Engineering (hydraulics, coastal engineering, sanitary engineering, etc.)
C Geotechnical Engineering (soil mechanics, rock mechanics, etc.)
D Infrastructure Planning & Management (planning, transportation engineering, etc.)
E Concrete Engineering & Pavement (reinforced concrete, materials, etc.)
F Construction Management & Engineering (engineering, etc.)
G Environmental Systems & Engineering

*Issuing Months: April, July, October, and January Annual subscription fee: ¥4,000

5. Withdrawal and Reinstatement

  1. If a member is seeking to withdraw from JSCE membership, please give a written notice of such intention to Membership Section by either postal mail or fax at the address below.
  2. If those who were JSCE member previously are planning to rejoin the membership, please fill out the application form (PDF)/ (MS WORD) and send it to Membership Section together with the membership fees. Please send your application form or any other inquiries regarding membership to:

Membership Section

Japan Society of Civil Engineers Yotsuya 1-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004, JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-3355-3443
Fax: +81-3-5379-2769
E-mail: member@jsce.or.jp

Group A

  Individual Regular Member Student Member
Application fee ¥1,000 Free
Annual fee ¥8,000 ¥4,000
Shipping & handling fees Free Free

Countries / Regions

Albania Algeria Angola Antigua
Argentina Armenia Azerbaijan Barbados
Belarus Belize Bolivia Bosnia
Botswana Brazil Bulgaria Cape Verde Islands
Chile China Colombia Costa Rica
Croatia Cuba Czech Republic Djibouti
Dominica Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt
El Salvador Equatorial Guinea Estonia Fiji Islands
Gabon Georgia Grenada Guadeloupe
Guatemala Guyana Honduras Hungary
Indonesia Iran Iraq Jamaica
Jordan Kazakstan Kiribati Latvia
Lebanon Libya Lithuania Macedonia
Malaysia Maldives Island Malta Mauritius
Mayotte Mexico Morocco Namibia
Oman, Sultanate Of Panama Paraguay Peru
Philippines Poland Romania Russian Federation
Saint Helena Saint Kitts And Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent
Saudi Arabia Seychelles Slovak Republic South Africa
Sri Lanka Surinam Swaziland Syria
Thailand Tonga Trinidad-Tobago Tunisia
Turkey Turkmenistan Ukraine Uruguay
Vanuatu Venezuela West Bank/Gaza Yugoslavia

Group B

  Individual Regular Member Student Member
Application fee ¥1,000 Free
Annual fee ¥4,000 ¥2,000
Shipping & handling fees Free Free

Countries / Regions

Afghanistan Bangladesh Benin Bhutan
Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroon
Central African Republic Chad Comoros Congo, Rep-Brazzavillie
Eritrea Ethiopia Gambia Ghana
Guinea Guineau-Bissau Haiti India
Ivory Coast Kenya Korea, DEM. REP. Kyrgyz Republic
Laos Lesotho Liberia Madagascar
Malawi Mali Mauritania Moldova
Mongolia Mozambique Myanmar Nepal
Nicaragua Niger Nigeria Pakistan
Papua New Guinea Rwanda Sao Tome-Principe Senegal
Sierra Leone Solomon Islands Somalia Sudan
Tajikistan Tanzania Timor-Leste Togo
Uganda Uzbekistan Viet Nam Yemen
Zambia Zimbabwe


The countries and regions except those in Group A & B

  Individual Regular Member Student Member
Application fee ¥1,000 Free
Annual fee ¥12,000 ¥6,000
Shipping & handling fees Free Free



I’m a professional engineer back home. I’m currently studying at college in Japan. I would like to maintain my JSCE membership even after going back home. What do I need to do?


Please give Membership Section your mailing address at home and your nationality. Membership Section will update their record and forward the JSCE journals, information and invoices to the home address. Your membership fees may change since membership fees for non-Japanese nationals residing outside Japan may be different from those for non-Japanese nationals residents.

For payment, the credit cards Visa or MasterCard are accepted.

As services to the international students who are going back or have been back home after completing their studies in Japan, Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO*) has “Follow-up Services” of providing information such as “eNewsletter” and “Jasso Mail Magazines”. Please contact JASSO for the details of the services.

* Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO): http://www.jasso.go.jp/index_e.html