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JSCE International Chapter

International Scientific Exchange Fund

The International Scientific Exchange Fund (ISEF) was founded in commemoration of the JSCE 75th Anniversary with voluntary subscriptions of 310 million Japanese yen, plus some additional amount from JSCE. It was officially approved as a charitable trust by the former Ministry of Education on January 6th 1989, with the Mitsubishi Trust and Banking Corporation (the Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation, effective from Oct. 1, 2005) appointed as trustee. It became the first fund for international scientific exchange to be established among any learned bodies in Japan. The purpose is to promote international scientific exchanges among civil engineers to contribute in the advancement of civil engineering discipline and civil engineering technologies.

The following are provided from the International Scientific Exchange Fund:

  1. Study Tour Grant
  2. Joint Seminar
  3. International Summer Symposium
  4. ACECC TC activities
  5. JSCE International Section’s activities

2011 Study Tour Grant recipients (at Akashi Kaikyo Bridge)