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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award


This award recognizes innovation and excellence in infrastructure planning, design, construction, maintenance and management which has made notable contribution to civil engineering progress and infrastructure development.  The award is made to innovative technologies, devices and ideas in Group.


The award is made to milestone projects in the development of civil engineering technology.

  • 2022 Winners

    1. Safety and productivity enhancement in tunneling project with rock-bolting machine “BOLTINGER”
    2. Large-scale precast construction of civil engineering structures that contributed to the early operation of thermal power plants)
    3. Construction of a large-section tunnel at a railroad station using the rectangular element jacking method (Tsunashima Tunnel, Sotetsu-Tokyu link line)
    4. Double-pipe system for chemical injection and freezing for abnormal groundwater and replacement of underground bits using hard-to-freeze mud
    5. Adoption of batter pile foundation for rigid frame viaduct with excellent seismic resistance and cost-effectiveness in soft ground (Application to structures of Hokuriku shinkansen between Kanazawa and Tsuruga Station)
    6. Seismic reinforcement work of bridge piers by implementing various technologies to enhance quality, safety and productivity
    7. Rail Track Switching Work Technology for Crossing Section of Major Arterial Railway Line and Road of Tokyo Metropolitan Area 
    Girder Relocation Work at JR Hamamatsucho Station with Development and Introduction of Latest Digital Technology
    8. Japan’s first stilling basin built in the form of ultra-large cross-sectional tunnel (Amagase dam redevelopment project)
    9. Realization of Tunnel Construction Productivity Improvement Through Full Utilization of ICT
    10. Lateral slide erection method of PRC langer girder with open deck, adopted first time in Shinkansen line, aiming toward early completion of river flood mitigation project
    11. Construction of a new railway line by longitudinal underpinning under existing track viaducts - Construction project near Hiyoshi Station of The Sotetsu-Tokyu link line -
    12. Boring tunnel for sewerage through the congested urban-underground condition with Multi Stage shield by cutting obstacles, and ground treatment for nearby structures. (Application of the Do-Jet method and the parent-subsidiary shield machine method)

    1. Construction of Komatagawa New Hydroelectric Power Station with an Eye on the Future
    2. Early recovery of Atami debris flow disaster by implementing ICT/DX technology
    3. Large scale erosion protection project in Niigata-Nishi Coast
    4. Opening of the Nishi Kyushu Shinkansen line connecting Takeo-Onsen to Nagasaki - Promoting exchanges between the West Kyushu region and other regions in Japan -
    5. Patimban Port Development Project (I) Phase 1-1 in the Republic of Indonesia
    6. Introduction of flood mitigation dam construction technology overcoming complexed geological conditions of Aso pyroclastic flow deposits in Tamarai Dam Project
    7. River Embankment Construciton Project with Integrated PM/CM Management (H23-R3 Kyukitakami-gawa River Mouth Restoration and Reconstruction Project)
    8. "Development of Shinjuku Station East-West Public Access Passage: Having long-cherished wish realized, by utilizing the existing underground passageway with overcoming challenges
    9. The Project for Rehabilitation of the Third Wharf in Dakar Port
    10. Completion of Yuasa-Gobo Road and Hanwa Expressway 4-lane project (widening of completed 2-lane Expressway)

  • 2021 Winners

    1. Rapid Construction and Development of Deck Replacements by Precast Technique for PC Composite Bridge -Application of “CAP-SLAB” Method to Kamitagawa Bridge of the Chuo-Expressway-
    2. Construction of the reinforced concrete viaducts with the fully precasted system that improves productivity and reduces construction period (Fukui Kaihotsu Viaduct on the Hokuriku-Shinkansen Line)
    3.  ICT construction utilizing remote technology in the first mountain tunnel in Japan (Tamashima Kasaoka Road Rokujoin Tunnel Construction)
    4. Japan national route 106, road construction project in Sokei district, Tunneling with the use of “NATM management system” and “Concrete lining monitoring system”
    5. “First automated construction of sabo dams at disaster sites in Japan(Akadani No. 3 sabo dam construction)
    6.  Improve safety at the downtown terminal station by eliminating the steep curved platform ‐Relocation of the JR Iidabashi Station platform using thorough mechanized construction‐
    7. Construction of high-quality depth underground structure in metropolitan area
    8. Advanced Highway Bridge Slab Replacement Utilizing State-of-the-Art Technologies (Application of Hydro-Jet RD Removal & Flat UHPFRC Renewal Slabs to Moriguchi Route, Hanshin Expressway)
    9. Productivity improvement and Quality control optimization using Construction Information Modeling/Management (CIM)  (H29-32 Arakawa River Waterway Tunnel Construction Site)
    10. Technological innovation of the PS anchor in the Kawamata Dam rock foundation -Establishment of rock reinforcement technology with rock anchors-
    11. The mountain tunnelling project under strong ground pressure in serpentinite - Otonaka Tunnel in National road No.40
    12. The Urban Restoration Project in Satozuka district, Kiyota, Sapporo
    13.  Improving the efficiency of dam concrete placement by handing down the technology utilizing digital technology ―Kabagawa dam construction work―
    14. Measures Applied for Productivity Improvement of Concrete Bridge Construction - Adoption of Steel Pipe-Concrete Composite Piers and Rational Construction Method for Pier Segments and the Other-

    1. The Construction of Koishiwaragawa Dam -The challenge of developing new quality control methods for the impermeable core embankment work -
    2.  International Marine Container Terminal Development Project, Minami Honmoku Pier MC-4, Port of Yokohama
    3. The Container Terminal(Y2) Development Project of Outer Central Breakwater Area, Port of Tokyo
    4. Hiroshima Sediment Disaster Emergency Project on August 20, 2014(Sabo Project to ensure safety local infrastructure)
    5.  New Ulaanbaatar International Airport Construction and Operation Project in the Mongolia
    6. Integrated construction work on the Rikuzentakata earthquake restoration project
    7. Integrated disaster recovery project through public-private cooperation in Hakone, one of Japan's leading tourist destinations  (Hakone Tozan Railway: Early restoration project of severely damaged railroad tracks)
    8. KIX Disaster Resilience Enhancement Project
    9. Completion of lane widening project (2lane to 4lane) in Joban Expressway
    10. Safe, secure, and comfort station development towards success of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and inheriting legacy for regional society
    11. Singapore MRT Thomson-East Coast Line Contract T207
    12. Reconstruction road-reconstruction support road(leading Project for Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake)

  • 2020 Winners

    1. Productivity Improvement by Introducing Large-Scale All-Precast Method for PC-LNG Storage Tank Construction
    2. Productivity Improvement with the use of Digitized Information on Ready-mixed Concrete and Realization of Advanced Quality Control by 100% Inspection and CIM implementation – Amagase Dam Redevelopment Tunnel Inflow Section Construction Work –
    3. Invention of Pipe Roof Construction Method Applicable to Geology Including Large Boulder (Kyusyu Shinkansen Isahaya Tunnel)
    4. Challenging Shield Tunnel Construction to Put All Equipment Underground in Consideration of the Surrounding Environment
    5. “Optimized Drilling of Ikari Gravity Concrete Dam”: Vibration-Free Large-Block Pulling Out Method and Unmanned Machines through Continuous Hole Slit
    6. The Flood Control Operation of Kusaki Dam during the Typhoon No. 19 in 2019
    7. Early Completion of Excavation in the Long Mountain Tunnels through Increased Productivity (Reconstruction Support Road: Miyako-Morioka Crossroad Shinkuzakai Tunnel Construction)
    8. The Development and the Construction of DAYFREE- the New Technology for the Bridge Deck Replacement under Nighttime Lane Closure (Chuo Expressway Yumifuri River Bridge Deck Replacement Project)
    9. The Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Project in Lao PDR - Glorious Dam Construction Technology Forking World‐Classed Fastest Construction and Japanese-styled Highest Quality Control and Establishment of Innovative Resettlement Livelihood Model -
    10. Advanced Application of RC Nonlinear Analysis Technology to Actual Design - Futtu Thermal Power station No.9, No.12 Inground LNG Storage Tank -
    11. Adoption of the ECI Contract Method for the Kumamoto Earthquake Disaster Recovery Project
    12. Optimization of Design and Construction for Further Development of the Open-cut Construction Method Tokyo Outer Ring Road Chuo JCT North Ramp Project
    13. Construction of the First Underground Metro Line in Vietnam by Shield Tunnelling Method
    14. Development of Support System for Snow Blower Operation Using Quasi-zenith Satellite
    15. Cost-effective Tunneling by SENS which can Switch Lining Type from/to Concrete Segment to/from Cast-in-place Lining - Hazawa Tunnel on the Eastern Kanagawa Rail Link
    16. Development and Installation of the System to Melt Snow-ice Adhered under Bogies of Shinkansen Train ~Akita Shinkansen~
    17. Realize Parallelization of the Platforms 350m away at the Metropolitan Terminal Station under the Complicated and Diverse Construction Conditions (The second Rail Track Switching Work of JR Shibuya Station Improvement)

    1. Development Project of the Sea Embankment in the Hamamatsu City Coastal Area
    2. The Takao River Diversion Tunnel Project - Construction of Diversion Tunnel under and along the River Winding through Densely Housed Area -
    3. Asahigawa Divergent Channel “Hyakken River” Improvement Project
    4. Construction of Metropolitan Expressway Kanagawa Route No.7 Yokohama Northwest Line (Direct Connection between Tomei Expressway and Yokohama Port)
    5. Wind Farm Tsugaru Project -Construction of the Largest Onshore Wind Farm in Japan-
    6. Transit-Oriented Urban Design at Toyama, by Cooperation of Various Projects; North-South Connection of Trams across the Shinkansen Toyama Station
    7. Waterfront Road North-South Line, Port of Tokyo, Development Project (Tokyo Port Umi-no-Mori(Sea Forest) Tunnel) ~ Undersea Tunnel Construction Work in a Short Period of a Time, Tunnel Element which is Longest in Japan ~
    8. The Project for Improvement of Namibe Port in the Republic of Angola
    9. Sanru Dam Construction Project: The Northernmost Trapezoid-shaped Cemented Sand and Gravel (CSG) Dam with Riverbed Gravel as CSG Base Material
    10. The Construction of Kanchpur, Meghna, Gumti 2nd Bridges and Rehabilitation of Existing Bridges
    11. Rapid Reconstruction of an Expressway Bridge Swept away by Heavy Rainfall-induced Landslides. (Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction of Tajikawa Bridge and Other Facilities of Kochi Expressway)
    12. MRT Thomson-East Coast Line T226 Project, Singapore
    13. The Comprehensive Development Project of Hamada River -Initiatives for hybrid project through construction of new dam and upgrading of existing dam-
    14. Senbon Dam Reinforcement Work
    15. Delhi Mass Rapid Transport System Project Phase 1/2/3 "High-quality Infrastructure Development Project" that Instilled Awareness of Safety and Efficiency at Construction Sites in India and Provided Residents with Safe, Secure, and Comfortable Transportation
    16. Naha Airport Runway Expansion Project
    17. The Improvement of the Tokyo Station North Passage (North Passage Widening Corresponding to Change of Passenger Fluctuation and Creating New Space with High Convenience Using Existing Structures)
    18. Relocation of the Ginza Line Platform at Shibuya Station, and Development of an Underground Plaza and an Underground Rainwater Storage Facility at the Shibuya Station East Exit

  • 2019 Winners
     1. Expressway construction in urban areas that made full use of advanced trenchless technology including the rectangular shape shield
    -The Hanshin Expressway Yamatogawa Route Tokiwa Section Cut- and-Cover Tunnel Project -
     2. Strengthening networks between metropolitan areas
    “Upgrade of Kobe Junction for Shin-Meishin Expressway”
     3. Productivity Improvement Effect and Quality Improvement of Bridge Pier by Applying Truss Support for Large-scale Steel Pipe Sheet Pile Foundation at Sea
     4. Realization of the productivity improvement in the railway construction work by the maximum utilization of BIM –The introduction of JRE-BIM -
     5. Construction of A Large section Shield Tunnel under the steep gradient, the sharp curve and the shallow overburden at the urban area
    ~Baba Ramps of Yokohama North Line~
     6. The unparalleled large and rectangular shield construction in times past under the conditions of soft ground and shallow earth covering
    - The Toranomon underground passage construction work -
     7. Large-scale under pinning technology and match for process reduction in intersection falling plumb down in front of the station
    -Sotetsu Tokyu through track Shin'yokohama station subway intersection construction -
     8. Yamba Dam Construction
    ~High-speed construction of a dam with a dike volume of 1 million m3 and store about 75 million m3 of Typhoon 19 floods~
     9. Construction of Japan's largest spillway tunnel bypassing an operating dam.~Kanogawa Dam Tunnel spillway~
     10. The world’s first, Spiral Excavation of tunneling by Horizontal & Vertical Variation Shield Method.
     11. i-Construction promotion accelerated by ICT implementation for rock fill dam construction- Oitagawa Dam Construction Project -

     1. Economic Cooperation and Infrastructure Export by Comprehensive Utilization of Japanese Costal Technology ~ Lach Huyen International Port Construction Project ~
     2. Port-urban design in Miyajimaguchi~Formation of Regional hub for Inbound tourism in rural areas~
     3. Restoration and reconstruction of the JR Joban Line damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake
    (Efforts for railway restoration under high dose of radiation and  reconstruction in cooperation with local governments)
     4. Redevelopment of Shinagawa Station
    (Improvement of Railway Yard, Construction of Takanawa Gateway Station)
     5. Construction of Jakarta Mass rapid Transit Protect Phase 1
    ( first Time Oversea Railway Project including Master Plan, Feasibility Study, Basic Design, Tender Assistance Services, Construction and O&M Services by All Japan) 
     6. The construction of Eastern Kanagawa Line (Sotetsu–JR through Line)
    - The first project based on“the Act on Enhancement of Convenience of Urban Railways, etc.” with effective use of railway stocks -
     7. Restoration from the disaster caused by tanker collision ―Kansai International Airport Access Bridge―
     8. East-West Road Improvement Project (N-70), Pakistan
     9. Decontamination of radioactive materials from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident
     10. Nagayasuguchi Dam Upgrading Project-Front Runner-
     11. The Construction of Osaka Higashi Line~ the improvement of railway network in Kansai area ~

  • 2018 Winners

     1. New technologies for long-distance, large-diameter and close-proximity shield tunnels - The shield tunnel project of Yamatogawa route, Hanshin Expressway -
     2. Development of a Highly Seismic Resistant Pile Bent Pier and Rapid Construction of a Detour Viaduct by Full Precasting : Renewal Project of the Higashi-Shinagawa Pier Section and Samezu Reclamation Area in the Route 1 Haneda Line of the Metropolitan Expressway
     3. Expansion and Joining Works of Shield Tunnel by Using Artificial Ground Freezing which is One of the Largest Scales in Domestic Sewerage Projects -Sumidagawa Sewer Trunk Line-
     4. The innovation of railway track monitoring and the applications
     5. Construction and Operation of the worldwide largest frozen soil wall for the Land-side Impermeable Wall at the decommissioning site of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
     6. The technologies about construction method of railroad viaducts using local aggregates within effective ASR suppression measures -the construction project of continuous railroad viaducts near Niigata Station-
     7. Labor/manpower-saving for construction of the “Large section Box Calvert” by the “Hybrid Half Pre-casting Method”: at the A-ramps for turn off of Keiyo Junction in Tokyo-Gaikan Expressway
     8. Streamlined Efforts Made by Precsastinization and Mechanization in Construction Work for Improving Kachidoki Station on the Toei Oedo Line
     9. The challenge to meet the commencing date of an extremely large-scale open-cut highway tunnel, including complex structures that intersect with various infrastructures -Tokyo-Gaikan Expressway Ichikawa-naka Construction- –
     10. Large-scale construction projects of railroad switch in Terminal Station which overcomes extremely complicated and difficult constraints conditions (A 46-hour continuous work by stopping trains – The first railroad switch of JR Shibuya Station Improvement Project)–
     11. Large diameter cast-in-place pile construction beneath live railway track in terminal station (Chiba Station Improvement, and Station Building Rebuilding Project)

     1. "Gulf Breakwater’s Recovery Project from Disaster(Kamaishi・Ofunato)
     2. Gokayama Dam Construction Project - Challenge the dam construction with the aim of improving productivity with the latest civil engineering technology-
     3. Construction of the Ishikariwan Shinko Thermal Power Station Unit 1 -Achievement of shortening construction process in severe winter weather and sea conditions, and reduction of environmental load ,adopting new technologies-
     4. The Tokyo Outer Ring Road Project between Misato-Minami IC to Koya JCT
     5. Construction and investigation project of underground research laboratory for high level radioactive waste disposal in Sedimentary host rock (Horonobe URL project)
     6. The JR Yamada Line Damaged by Tsunami Rebuilt from Miyako to Kamaishi - Rebuilt According with the Urban Planning -


  • 2017 Winners

     1. Water Resources Development and Irrigation Project at the Downstream Basin of Kunar River in Afghanistan
     3. Construction of the road tunnel with the Roof and Culvert Method pulling the unprecedented large cross-section under the railways~ Tokyo Gaikan Expressway, Keisei Sugano Gaikan Underpass Construction ~
     4. One of the largest environmental conservation measures for long conventional tunneling.-Shin-Meishin Expressway, Minoh tunnel project-
     5. “i- Construction & Management” for operation and maintenance of facilities constructed on the Lake Biwa Development Project ~ the introduction systems for ICT to upgrade the management of wide-area and scattered facilities ~
     6. Establishment of excavating technologies of shield tunnel at a great depth and Development of construction methods for deep Vertical Shafts―Shirako River-Underground Regulation Pond―
     7. Establishment of Crack Control/Quality Attainment System by Yamaguchi Prefecture and Its Development
     8. Ramp constructions under shallow overburden condition at the Tokyo Outer Circular Expressway Keiyo-junction Project(The preceding construction of top slab by the harmonica method and the underpinning method, and the countermeasure work of large cross-section tunnel under shallow overburden condition)
     9. First in Japan! Assembly of Large Wind Turbine by Wind Lift Method- Mitane Hamada Project -
     10. Development of a unique method used to control and reduce a high water gushing during construction of a mountain tunnel (RPG, Ring-Post-Grouting)- Successful case to control and reduce incidents of water gushing, with a high arsenic concentration, which erupted on a large scale during the project of the Hokusatsu Tunnel, Kagoshima Prefecture –
     11. Elimination of Missing-link for industrial development in the Kinki area-Construction of Keinawa Expressway Kihoku-Nishi Road Wakayama Junction-
     12. Short-time Construction of 7 Sharply Curved Girders over 10 Railway Tracks(Railway Overpasses of Yokohama Ring Expressway North Line)

     1. "Construction of Tsugaru Dam" - Dam redevelopment project by rationalization construction and social capital improvement considering regional and environment -
     2. Tsuruda Dam Upgrading Project~The Leading Project of Dam Upgrading in Japan~
     3. The recovery work of the National Highway Rt. 274 and Doto Expressway from the damage resulting from the heavy rainfall in August, 2016, which promptly reopened the routes.
     4. Extending the Electrified JR Kabe Line and Development of the Hiroshima Public Transportation Network — Reviving Abandoned Lines
     5. Japan’s First Line Expansion Project, 4 Lines and Grade Separation Underground Tunnel, Under The Conventional Railroad- The Completion of Urban Rapid Rail Transit No.9 -
     6. Projects to enhance the Central Circular Route's-Upgrading the section between the Itabashi and Kumanocho junctions / Upgrading the section between the Horikiri and Kosuge junctions -

     7. Tokyo Station Marunouchi Square Development~An Integrated Urban Space Development from Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building to the Imperial Palace~


  • 2016 Winners

     1. The first project in Japan to remove the level junction of a commercial subway line - Connecting Line Installation Work on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line / Fukutoshin Line Enabling Stable Traffic on 7 Routes -
     2. The Construction of Two Huge Pump Plant by Pneumatic Cason Construction Method - “Senju Sekiya” Pump Plant Project, Tokyo, Japan -
     3. Removal Works of Contaminated Water at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (Closure of Seawater Piping Trenches and Screen Pumping Rooms)
     4. Establishment of snow damage measures to show the biggest effect with minimum infrastructure -The Hokuriku Shinkansen, Toyama, the Ishikawa prefecture -
     5. Urgent disaster countermeasure by comprehensive i-Construction system based on advanced unmanned construction technology - Slope protection construction at Aso Ohashi Bridge Area (direct emergency sabo project) -
     6. Construction of 3-D composite curve shaped pipe-culvert by aerial assembly of “concrete filled steel segments with external bolt tightening type” - Construction work of discharge culverts at Kobe Nakatottei pump station -
     7. New Construction Method of the Shield Tunnel Widening - Baba Ramps of Metropolitan Expressway Yokohama North Line -
     8. Hachinoshiri Tunnel Project, Chubu Odan Expressway: Challenges of tunnel full face mechanical excavation and immediate ring closure method in weak rock
     9. Underpinning of underground structure for railway in service, and construction of diaphragm walls by applying undermining method for construction of skyscraper (Construction of JR GATE TOWER which becomes a part of station for the Linear Chuo Shinkansen)
     10. The construction of Dai-Ni Tameike Trunk Sewer contributing to mitigation of damage caused by inundation in the central area of the capital and water quality improvement of the Imperial Palace inner moat
     11. Developing new sheet pile press-in technology enabling to place from the floating yard with narrow space under the railway bridge
     12. Construction of durable RC decks in Tohoku area

     1. Opening of Hokkaido Shinkansen (Shin-Aomori – Shin-Hakodatehokuto) - New era of high-speed railway, 28 years from opening of Tsugaru Straits Line -
     2. Floodgate extension works in the mouth of Hyakken River (Adopting the “rising sector gate” in the largest scale in Japan to unify flood control, historic preservation, and environmental conservation)
     3. Restoration of inland relocation between JR Joban Line Komagamine and Hamayoshida damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake
     4. Shinjuku Terminal South Gate Area Infrastructure Development Project
     5. Construction of Metropolitan Expressway Route 7 (Yokohama North Line) - The Urban Expressway Regarded the Preservation of Surrounding Environment -
     6. The Project for Rehabilitation of Drinking Water Supply Systems in Pyanj District, Khatlon Region, the Republic of Tajikistan

  • 2015 Winners

     1. Midosuji Utility Tunnel Construction Project
     2. Project Report of a Vehicular Box culvert Construction for the Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway at Okegawa Kitamoto Area Subtitle: Harmonica multi-type tunneling method introduced into construction of underpass tunnel
     3. New non-open cut technique used in underpass construction with a reduced ground displacement risk during train operation hours (FUTATSUYA underpass ~ Ken-O Expressway below the JR Takasaki line Ground Cutting JES(Joint Element Structure) Method)
     4. The pioneer project of applying the Construction Information Modeling in Dam construction and management-Isawa Dam Construction Project
     5. Sambo Junction Construction, Hanshin Expressway Yamatogawa Route: Junction Construction Involving Reconstruction of Existing Structures in Coastal Urban Areas Where Liquefaction Is a Concern
     6. Construction Management for Disaster Recovery (CMDR) to Support Rebuilding of Great East Japan Earthquake-Stricken Onagawa Town
     7. Permanent Reinforcement against Deformation of Railway Shield Tunnel with ground subsidence - Takashima Tunnel Reinforcement Work -
     8. Construction of World’s Largest LNG Storage Tank Adopting Slipform Method - Senboku LNG Terminal I, Osaka Gas -

     1. Shijo Street Sidewalk Expansion Project: giving priority to pedestrians and public transportation in city development to make walking more enjoyable
     2. Construction of Ueno-Tokyo line, that dramatically improved the service of the railway transportation in Tokyo metropolitan area - Reconstruction of the railway network realized by renovating a number of facilities in an urban central area -
     3. The Project for Construction of Sindhuli Road Completion of the mountain road with its total length of 160km and 1,300m difference of altitude over thirty years in Nepal
     4. Restoring the JR Senseki Line and Connecting the Senseki and the Tohoku Lines in the recovery phase from the Great East Japan Earthquake
     5. Completion of Hokuriku Shinkansen (from Nagano to Kanazawa) - Mobility Innovation between Hokushinetsu region and Tokyo /Kansai metropolitan area -
     6. Rebirth of Musashi Canal - Rehabilitation Works for Prolonging Life of the Facility Without Stopping Water Supply to Tokyo Metropolitan Area as the Water Aorta -

  • 2014 Winners

     1. Design and Construction of "Tsunami Protection Wall" at Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station:One of Tsunami Countermeasures, 1.6km-long huge Wall with 22m high above Sea Level
     2. Construction for the Junction of the Large Shield Tunnels by the Advanced Tunnel Enlargement Method -Ohashi Ramp Tunnel Works for the Shinagawa Line of the Central Circular Route-
     3. A Novel Technique for Harmonizing Both the Flood Controland Environment in Rapid Rivers―Bank Protection Technique Using Natural Sandbars with Boulders
     4. Combination of Small Shield Tunnels for A High Way Ramp-Off Structure in“Higashi Kanto Highway Yatsu-Funabashi Interchange Off-Ramp Project”
     5. Project for Construction of Grade Separation at the Crossing of Fuchu Route 3・4・7 and Keio Railway Line
     6. The construction of the 44.6km longest water transfer tunnel in South-East Asia crossing Malay peninsula -Pahang-Selangor Raw Water Transfer Tunnel-
     7. Our nation’s first box constructing technology on underpinning existing RC viaducts into long-span viaducts (Viaduct bridge construction on JR East Sobu Line between Ichikawa and Moto-Yawata stations)

     1. Construction of the first Underground Research Laboratory in Japan excavated to a depth of 500m in crystalline rock -The Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory Project carried out in order to develop the scientific and technical basis for geological disposal of High-level Radioactive Waste-
     2. Construction of Large-Capacity Transmission Main -20 years from start,a Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake revival project is completed-
     3. Reopening of Sanriku Railway damaged by Great East Japan earthquake
     4. Kyogoku Project -A Construction of the First Pure Pumped-storage Hydroelectric Power Plant in Hokkaido Conquering Heavy Snowfall and Severe Cold Conditions –
     5. Hiikawa River discharge channel Project
     6. Construction of the Yamate Tunnel (Bay Shore Route to Shibuya Line) on the Central Circular Route -The First Completion of the Three Circular Routes in the Greater Tokyo Area
     7. Reconstruction start from the Great East Japan Earthquake in Ishinomaki・Higashimatsushima・Onagawa, Miyagi(3-year performance by Ishinomaki Block Disaster Waste Disposal Project)
     8. Construction of Joban Expressway between Joban-Tomioka IC and Yamamoto IC (Project that has never experienced and overcome the difficulties in the nuclear disaster area)
     9. Minami Honmoku MC-3 Container Terminal at Port of Yokohama -Development Project of Container Terminal for the World's Mega-Ships-

  • 2013 Winners

     1. Construction of the Largest Cross Section Road Tunnel in Japan with Bifurcation in Unconsolidated “Shirasu” Ground
     2. Construction technique of large underground station and tunnels in Bosphorus strait railway tunnel connecting Asia and Europe
     3. Rapid Construction of Parallel Road Tunnels by Oval Shaped Shield TBM, Overcoming Extremely Shallow Earth Cover and Small Tunnel Clearance- Construction of Kawajiri Tunnel on Sagami Longitudinal Expressway-
     4. Flood Control in the Yodo River System during the Typhoon No.18, 2013 - Prevented Catastrophic Damage through Integrated and Collaborative Operations at Seven Dams and a Barrage
     5. Confirmation of durability and soundness of the Seikan Tunnel
     6. The construction of Tohoku-Jukan line - Erection of decks and piers just above the in-service Shinkansen line, and seismic reinforcement existing Shinkansen structures -

     1. Protection project against high tide in Natsui district in Fukushima prefecture.-New type of seawall maintenance with the rational utilization of disaster waste-
     2. Construction of Okukubi Dam Application of a trapezoid CSG dam to be constructed under particular conditions such as that the construction area is within subtropical islands region, fresh & sea water mingling zone and the US base.
     3. Japanese first hydraulic containment type LPG underground storage cavern at EL.-150m.  –Constructions of Namikata and Kurashiki national stockpile bases-
     4. The achievement of large railway network on capital region - The project of construction Tokyu-Toyoko-line to underground between Shibuya and Daikanyama -
     5. Temporary restoration of JR Kesennuma line and JR Ofunato line by introducing BRT (Provision of local transport service to contribute to restoration of the areas affected by the disaster)

  • 2012 Winners

     1. Improvement of underground railway terminal station under national highway in urban area accompanying removal of 10,000 tons of tunnel lining concrete around railway in operation(Compiled new station improvement technologies)
     2. The Construction of the Immersed-Tube Tunnel “Wakato-tunnel”–The grand sum compiled technically in the history of Japanese submerged tunnels 
     3. “Trapezoid-shaped CSG Dam”, a new dam construction technology originated in Hokkaido and is spreading to the World-Tobetsu Dam Construction Project-
     4. High speed excavating of SENS, on the boundary area between mountain and shield tunneling method - Tsugaruyomogita Tunnel on the Hokkaido Shinkansen Line

     1. Overpass Works in the vicinity of Keikyu Kamata Station as part of Continuous Grade Separation Project,Keikyu Corporation
     2. Obara Dam Project~ Mitigation of Environmental Impacts and Promotion of Regional Harmony~
     3. Opening of the Shin (New) Tomei Expressway 162 km opening between Gotenba Junction and Mikkabi Junction - The longest opening in Japan’s expressway history-
     4. Restoration of North Breakwater in the Hachinohe Port (the Great East Japan Earthquake)
     5. Yunishigawa dam construction Advanced method for dam construction considering to local communities and environment
     6. Restoration Work of Expressways Damaged due to the Great East Japan Earthquake
     7. Preservation and Restoration of Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building

  • 2011 Winners

     1. Slab Track Technology for Safety Operation and Low Maintenance - Successful Results of Development of the Slab Track Technology for Construction of New Shinkansen Lines -
     2. Underground Constructions with Multi-Level Crossing in Urban Train Operation, Which Overcome Strict Construction Conditions-A Construction Project of Multi-Level Crossing near Chofu Station-
     3. Modification of the Level of Viaducts in a Phased Construction Project - Jacking up of Viaducts on the JR Nambu Line between Inada-zutsumi Station and Fuchu-honmachi Station in the Continuous Grade Separation Project -
     4. Design and Construction of the World’s Largest Pneumatic Caisson Main Pump Construction of the Higashi Ogu Sewage Treatment Plant
     5. An Innovative Solution for Direct Connection Between TBM Tunnels and an Immersed Tunnel under the Bosphorus Strait. (Bosphorus Crossing Railway Tunnel)

     1. 49-day Restoration of Damaged Tohoku Shinkansen Structures Caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake
     2. Takizawa Dam Construction Project - Rationalized Construction Work of Large Scale Gravity Dam and Creating Tourism Resource by Landscape Design
     3. Opening of the Entire Route of Kyushu Shinkansen from Hakata to Kagoshima - Integrated Development of the Kyushu Region and Promotion of Cooperation and Communication with the Kansai and Eastern Asia Regions

  • 2010 Winners

     1. Jiyoshi Tunnel, National Highway No. 440 Penetrate through Tough Aquifer directly under Karst Plateau
     2. Rational seismic retrofit of long-span cable-stayed bridges with energy dissipation devices - Higashi-Kobe Bridge and Tempozan Bridge -
     3. PFI Project for International Airfield Apron in Haneda Airport ~ The apron in the international flight area started operation in 2010! The new  Haneda International Airport era is arriving!

     1. Restoration Work of Collapsed Road Embankment by Earthquake, Tomei Expressway - Makinohara Area
     2. Development and service of Super hub ports “Hanshin port”(Large-scale container terminal in western Japan to support the vitality)
     3. Opening of the complete Tohoku Shinkansen ~ Construction of Tohoku Shinkansen(Hachinohe-Shin-Aomori section), a new key line on high-speed railway network ~
     4. D-runway of the Tokyo International Airport - Design and construction of the new runway applying the hybrid structures consists of reclamation and pier structures -
     5. Doto Expressway between Yubari IC and Shimukappu IC : Construction of Long Tunnels Passing through Weak Serpentinite
     6. The Elevated Railway Project for JR Chuo Line between Mitaka and Tachikawa Stations
     7. THE NARITA SKY-ACCESS LINE PROJECT - The creation of a new high speed Airport access railway―

  • 2009 Winners

     1. Effective flood control through integrated and collaborative dam operation at the three Nabari river upstream dams
     2. Design and Construction of Large-Scale Underpinning Hanshin Expressway Kobe-Yamate Route Cut and Cover Tunnel Construction in the Kobe Rapid Transit Railway crossing section
     3. Construction techniques for deepwater Immersed tunnel under strong current. - Construction of the Railway Tunnel Under the Bosporus Straits in Istanbul, Turkey -
     4. Construction engineering and management of line-switching.-For accomplishment a total of 8 track-switching at the biggest terminal, the Shinjuku station-  

     1. Nishi-Osaka Extension Line(Hanshin Namba Line) Construction Project - Creating A New Urban Railway Network in Kinki Region -
     2. Seawall with Artificial Reef of Shimane Nuclear Power Plant.
     3. Nagoya Port Next-Generation High Standard Container Terminal - The Second Berth Construction Work at the Tobishima Pier South Side Container Terminal -
     4. Yamate-Tunnel between the 3rd Shibuya and the 4th Shinjuku line - A Construction of the Environmentally Conscious Urban Expressway Tunnel-

  • 2008 Winners

     1. Realization of Ultra Short Term Construction of an Underground Structure and Development of a Bicycle Parking System Using IC Tags
     2. Design and Construction Technologies for the Nation’s First Large Twin Tunnels Close to Existing Structures Passing Right Underneath Buildings- New Tomei Expressway Imasato Daiichi Tunnel -
     3. Construction of Large Double Adjoined Binocular Tunnels Beneath a Densely  Residential Area - Daini Keihan Expressway Shoji Tunnel Project -
     4. Development of Tunneling Methods in Anomalous Grounds with Heavy Squeezing or High Groundwater Pressure 

     1. Speedy Restoration of Urban Expressway Viaducts Damaged by Severe Fire Accident
     2. Nakanoshima New Line Construction Project- Subway Construction in Priority Area for Urban Regeneration in Osaka -
     3. Construction of Hida Tunnel by Using TBM Method and Whole Line Opening of Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway
     4. Construction of Tokuyama Dam - Construction of the Largest Rock-Fill Dam in Japan and Creation of Beautiful Dam Lake that Co-Exists with Nature
     5. Tokyo Bay Waterway Improvement Project- Challenging the Task of Removing Gigantic Structures in a Sea Area Congested by Passing Vessels -
     6. Fruition of the Urban Transport Network- Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin-Line-

    JSCE Awards Top