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The Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council (ACECC)

The purpose of ACECC is to schedule Asian forums where worldwide members of the civil engineering profession may jointly develop programs of coordination and mutual action in designated matters affecting the interests of civil engineers and related professionals. The triennial Civil Engineering Conference in the Asian Region (CECAR) is one of ACECC’s major forums. This conference offers an interesting opportunity to discover innovative technologies and researches achieved in and outside the Asia region. Although the Council mainly consists of the civil engineering societies/institutions in that region, its membership is open to professional organizations worldwide.

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The objectives of ACECC

  1. To promote and advance the science and practice of civil engineering and related professions for sustainable development in the Asian region.
  2. To encourage communication between persons in charge of scientific and technical responsibility for any field of civil engineering.
  3. To improve, extend and enhance such activities as infrastructure construction and management, preservation of the precious environment and natural disaster prevention.
  4. To foster exchange of ideas among the member societies/institutions.
  5. To cooperate with any regional, national and international organizations to support their work, as the ACECC deems necessary.
  6. To provide advice to member societies/institutions to strengthen their domestic activities.
  7. To achieve the above objectives, international conferences called the Civil Engineering Conference in the Asian Region (CECAR) will be held on a triennial basis as the main activity of the ACECC.

22nd Executive Committee Meeting in March, 2012

Civil Engineering Conference in the Asian Region (CECAR) is a major activity of The Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council (ACECC). The CECAR has been held on a triennial basis since 1998.

The CECAR is a unique opportunity to discover some of the most important innovations in civil engineering technology, research and development. Leaders in civil engineering research and technology from Asian countries, America and others will come to CECAR to learn about and help shape the future of civil engineering design and construction and business practices.


The 5th CECAR: August, 8-12, 2010, Sydney, Australia