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Innovative Technique Award

  • 2022 Winners別ウィンドウで開きます
    1. Development of the Net Buffer Method for suppressing internal erosion and collapse behind seawalls and quaywalls through caisson joint wave reduction
    2. Development of quality attainment technology for concrete structures by accelerating PDCA cycle utilizing digital data (CONCRETE@i🄬)
    3. Development of Unmanned Laser Decontamination System
    ―Realization of High Contaminated Flange Tank Dismantling at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant―
    4. Development of high-strength environment-friendly concrete with significantly reduced CO2 emissions and practical development by secondary productization
    5. Development of Construction 3D Printing Technology using Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Composites


  • 2021 Winners 
    1. Development of Integral Reinforcement Method with Nail-Reinforced Soil for Existing Steel Bridges, with Structure Changes Integrating Steel Girder, Abutments and Embankments
    2. Development of "Field Browser" for integrated real-time management of conditions and information at construction sites
    3. Development and Implementation of Earthquake Early Warning for Shinkansen Utilizing Ocean Bottom Seismometers
    4. Development of Automated Concrete Pouring System for Mountain Tunnel Lining
    5. Cutting-Edge Technology of Distributed Optical Fiber Sensor towards Civil Infrastructure Monitoring
    6. Development of Blasting Drilling Technology (BLAST MASTER)  without Reliance of Skilled Workers
    7. Development of joint structure of precast slabs (Head-bar joint®) using plate fixing reinforcing bars


  • 2020 Winners 
    1. Development of Automatic Rebar Arrangement Inspection System Using Stereo Camera
    2. Development of Comprehensive Quality Control Method for Impermeable Embankments
    3. Development of “PCM Pavement”, the Technology to Repair and Reinforce the Upper Surface of Damaged Concrete Floor Slab
    4. Development of New Construction Technique for Tunnel Lining Using High-Fluidity Concrete with Low Cement Content “Neuro-Crete Neo”
    5. In-situ Ground Solidifying Method Using Mechanical Stirring Blades to Realize Construction with Obstacle Avoidance and Diagonal Execution (WinBLADE Method)
    6. Development of Tunnel Face Projection Mapping Technology to Visualize and Share Ground Information
    7. The Development of Design and Construction Technology for Precast Pc Slabs for Bridges with Cotter Joints (Cotter Slab Method)
  • 2019 Winners
     1. Development of Automatic Placement System of Dam Concrete
     2. Development of Shear Strengthening Method Using Shear Reinforcing Bar with Ceramic Anchorage (Ceramic-Cap-Bar)
     3. T-iROBO® Remote Viewer; HMD Video System for Remote Control with high adaptability
     4. Development of field test methods on rock masses as element tests
     5. Development of Precast Deck Connection (Slim-Fastener) using UFC
  • 2018 Winners
     1. Subsurface Utilities Visualization System “Shimz AR Eye subsurface view”
     2. Development of Train Operation Control Method against Wind Gusts Using Doppler Radar
     3. Development of GRS Integral Bridges combining Reinforced Soil Technology and Bridge Technology
     4. Development of a wire rope barrier applied to non-separation temporary two lane expressway sections;
     5. Development of geological evaluation technology for rock tunnelling using ICT (Smart Face Watcher)
     6. Development of sulfuric acid-resistant concrete with ten times the durability of ordinary concrete
  • 2017 Winners
     1. Development of a Hybrid Structure Footing Embedded with Plane Grid Steel Frame Capable of Reducing the Anchoring Depth of a Steel Pier
     2. Remote Control Device “Surrogate” for Construction Machine with easy retrofitting
     3. Crack detection system for fatigue cracks in orthotropic steel deck (Crack detection system for weld-bead penetrating crack in orthotropic steel deck based on temperature gap detection using infrared thermography)
     4. The Seismic Retrofitting Method Utilizing Precast Panel and High Strength Fiber Reinforced Mortar ”Combination Panel Method”
     5. Development of Function Maintenance and Improvement Technology of Concrete Structure using Polyurea Resin (Toughness Coat)
  • 2016 Winners
     1. Ultra-high-strength Fiber reinforced Concrete (UFC) Cured at Normal Temperature “SLIM-Crete”
     2. The Development of a Hard Rock Tunnel Excavator, TM-100
     3. Development of Non-destructive test for the fracture of PC wire by Magnetic Flux Leakage
     4. Development of the supporting robot arm device for arrangement of the heavy rebar (Assist robot for the rebar arrangement)
     5. The automated construction system named A4CSEL® (Quad-ACSEL:Automated/ Autonomous/ Advanced/ Accelerated Construction system for Safety, Efficiency, and Liability) focusing on automation of construction machines.
  • 2015 Winners
     1. The Development of the Shaft-Style Underwater Construction Machine T-iROBO UW
     2. Development of Long Term Curing Method Using the Water Repellent Sheet for Enhancing Surface Layer Quality of Concrete
     3. Development of deterioration diagnosis technique (Impact Elastic Wave Inspection Methods) by elastic wave for sewer RC pipes
     4. Development of Flap-gate type Seawall for Tsunami and Storm Surge Protection
     5. Development of Rapid Non-core Drilling Exploration System with Water-powered Down-the-hall Hammer
  • 2014 Winners
     1. Development of Non-open Cut Method without Temporary Shoring Member - Arch-shaped Pipe-roof Method-
     2. Development of a concrete repair method (Smooth Board Method),using high-toughness cement boards
     3. Development of innovative highly effective cement grouting system under high water pressure
     4. Development of Durability Enhancement Technique of Concrete by Continuous Drain-Moist Curing(W-Curing)
     5. Development of HIVIDAS ( Hybrid ( Infrared / Visible Image ) Inspection & Diagnostic Analysis System)
  • 2013 Winners
     1. Development of laser-based non-destructive inspection system for concrete defects
     2. Development of seismic retrofitting method using only reinforcing bars and small members (RB method)
     3. Development of Closed Type Rectangular Shield Method(Paddle Shield Method)
     4. Development of the “Steel Pipe Integrated Pier with Shear Link” to Improve the Structural Performance and Reduce the Life-Cycle-Cost.
     5. Low-frequency Blasting Sound Reducer for Tunnel Construction
  • 2012 Winners
     1. Developing the method of joining a column and a pile with a steel tube in very limited space.
     2. Non-opencut method to prevent manhole floating due to liquefaction (Floatless Method)
     3. An Autonomous Driving Control System of Construction Equipments in Radioactive Area
     4. Development of Inclined-Braceless Excavation Support
  • 2011 Winners
     1. Development of a New Wet Curing Method (AQUA CURTAIN) for Concrete Structures.
     2. Development and Introduction of a Transportation Control System of Construction Waste with ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System)
     3)Development of an Earth-Retaining Wall Cut Method with Abrasive Slurry Jet  (Abrasive Wall-Cutting Method)
     4. Technological Development for Deepening / Seismic Enhancement of Existing Quay Walls in Operation(DUAL ANCHORED SHEET PILE WALL METHOD)
     5. Earthquake Early Warning System for Shinkansen
  • 2010 Winners
     1. Development of Large Plane Jacket Type Pier Structure for runway corresponding to long term durability
     2. Development of a crack-less concrete using urea
     3. Development of Semi-self compacting Concrete for Tunnel Lining
     4. Development of construction method for shield tunneling with departure and arrival of TBM on the ground surface - URUP (Ultra Rapid Under Pass) method
     5. Half-Precast Construction Method of Railway Rigid-frame Viaduct
  • 2009 Winners
     1. Development of  “Open-Side-Plane retrofitting method”
     2. Development of Post Shear Reinforcing Methods Using Plate Anchored Shear Reinforcing Bar Technology(Post-Head-bar)
     3. Development of New Shield Method “ Aero-Block Method”
     4. Development of a system for continuous exploration of buried object using the electromagnetic induction method.
     5. Anticorrosion method for concrete structure of sewerage facilities using Modified Sulfur Concrete
  • 2008 Winners
     1. Development of “Chart Type Seismic Performance Evaluation System  of Coast Structure” for Various Types of Structures
     2. Development of a High-Speed Cleaning Device with Cavitation Jet Technology for Tunnel Lightening Facilities
     3. Development of Laterally Navigated Sheet Wall Method
     4. Development of Concrete Roadbed for Slab Track Corresponding to Earth Structure

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