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International Lifetime Contribution Award

International Award recognizes (1) Japanese civil engineers for their significant contributions to the development of civil engineering technology and/or the infrastructure development through their professional practices in and outside Japan, whose practices should have been appreciated locally; (2) non-Japanese civil engineer(s) for his/ her commendable achievements and outstanding contributions to the progress and promotion of Japanese civil engineering.

2023 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
Mitsuhiko Okada (Airport Facilities Co., Ltd.) Japanese
Sadao Orishimo (Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd.) Japanese
Hideki Sakaeda (Japan International Consultants for Transportation Co., Ltd.) Japanese
Katsuhito Miyake (The Overseas Construction Association of Japan, Inc.) Japanese
Kimiro Meguro (The University of Tokyo) Japanese
Manuel M. Bonoan
(Department of Public Works and Highways Republic of the Philippines)

2022 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
Yuichi Ishikawa (Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.) Japanese
Onozaki Hirokazu (Obayashi Corporation) Japanese
Akira Koyama (Japan Sediments Management Association) Japanese
Hitoshi Tanaka (Tohoku University) Japanese
Nguyen Ngoc Hue (Vietnam Association of Port-Waterway-Offshore Engineering) Vietnam

2021 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
Yasushi Nakagawa (TEKKEN CORPORATION) Japanese
Kenzo Hiroki (The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies) Japanese

2020 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
Yoshihiro Akiyama (Japan International Consultants for Transportation Co., Ltd.) Japanese
Koji Kuroda (NIPPON KOEI CO., LTD.) Japanese
Toshio Koike (Public Works Research Institute (PWRI)) Japanese
Katsuji Hashiba (Infrastructure Development Institute) Japanese
Ikuo Fujita (Fudo Tetra Corporation) Japanese


2019 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
Takeshi Kawakami (IHI Corp.) Japanese
Hirotaka Sato (NIPPO Corp.) Japanese
Satoru Tsutae (Taisei Corp.) Japanese
Kiyofumi Yoshino (Aero Asahi Corp. ) Japanese
Lou Kim Chhun (Sihanoukville Autonomous Port, the Royal Government of Cambodia) Cambodian


2018 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
Toshio Azuma (Japan Sediments Management Association) Japanese
Toshiji Takatsu (Japan International Consultants for Transport Co., Ltd.) Japanese
Hideo Tokuyama  (DENTSU INC.) Japanese
Nguyen Ngoc Dong (Ministry of Transport, Socialist Republic of Vietnam) Vietnam


2017 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
Tamon UEDA (Hokkaido University) Japanese
Hozumi KATSUTA(Former the Ministry of Transport) Japanese
Minoru KURIKI(Foundation of River & Basin Integrated Communications) Japanese
Kyaw Linn (Deputy Minister Ministry of Construction) Myanmar


2016 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
Sigeru KIKUKAWA (IHI Inc.) Japanese
Akihiko TOGO (Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd.) Japanese
Minoru DOHI (Kajima Corporation) Japanese
Mochamad Basoeki Hadimoeljono (Minister of Public Works & People' s Housing, Indonesia) Indonesian


2015 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
Tatsuyuki SHISHIDO (The Overseas Coastal Area Development Institute of Japan) Japanese
Kotaro TAKEMURA (Japan Water Forum) Japanese
Katsuji FUKUMOTO (Obayashi Corporation) Japanese
Romeo S. Momo (Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, Inc. 2012, 2013 National President) Filipino


2014 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
Hiroshi UEDA (Ohmoto Gumi Co., Ltd.) Japanese
Masaaki TATSUMI (Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd.) Japanese
Toshitaka MIYATA (Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited) Japanese
Tauch Chankosal (Secretary of State, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Cambodia) Cambodian


2013 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
Hajime IKEDA (Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.) Japanese
Osamu KUNITA (The Overseas Coastal Area Development Institute of Japan (OCDI)) Japanese
Tadahiko SAKAMOTO (Japan Commission on Large Dams (JCOLD), Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.) Japanese
AHN, Hee-Do (Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology (KIOST)) Korean


2012 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
Yuji OKAZAKI (President, Okazaki & Partners Inc. Vice President, Project Management Association of Japan) Japanese
Tomotsuka TAKAYAMA (Director of Institute of Technology for Disaster Management, Coastal Development Institute of Technology) Japanese
Shigemichi HATAO (Chief Engineer Technical Auditing Office : Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.) Japanese
NGO THINH DUC (President of the Viet Nam Bridge and Road Association) Vietnamese


2011 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
Tatsuhiko IKEDA (Yokohama National University) Japanese
Yozo FUJINO (The University of Tokyo) Japanese
Moriyasu FURUKI (Japan International Cooperation Agency, Japan Society of Civil Engineers) Japanese
Teodoro Trinidad (Encarnacion Research, Education and Institutional Development (REID) Foundation) Filipino



2010 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
SHUTO Nobuo (Emeritus Professor, Tohoku University) Japanese
TAKAHASHI Osamu (Advisor, Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.) Japanese
TSUTSUMI Toshiro (Special Advisor, Ides Inc.) Japanese
Bindu Shamsher RANA (Project Manater, Dept of Roads, Government of Nepal) Nepalese


2009 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
KURODA Hidehiko (President, The Overseas Coastal Area Development Institute of Japan) Japanese
TAMAI Nobuyuki (Professor, Kanazawa Gakuin University) Japanese
MIZOHATA Yasuo (Adviser, JR East Consultants Company) Japanese
YAMAKAWA Asao (President, Infrastructure Development Institute) Japanese
H. S. Lew (Senior Research Structural Engineer, Materials and Construction Research Division, Building and Fire Research Laboratory (BFRL), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), U.S. Department of Commerce American
Han Zaw (President, Myanmar Engineering Society) Burmese


2008 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
INOUE Keiichi (President, East Nippon Expressway Company Ltd.) Japanese
KUSAYANAGI Shunji (Professor, Dept. of Infrastructure System Engineering, Kochi University of Technology) Japanese
TAKEUCHI Kuniyoshi (Director, International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management (ICHARM), PWRI) Japanese
YAGYU Tadahiko (Director, The Overseas Coastal Area Development Institute of Japan) Japanese
András Szöllösi-Nagy (Director, Division of Water Sciences, UNESCO) Hungarian


2007 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
IZUMI Kenjiro (President, Japan Digital Road Map Association) Japanese
INOUE Satoshi (Secretary General, International Association of Ports and Harbors) Japanese
IWATA Shizuo (Director, ALMEC Corporation) Japanese
CHERN, Jenn-Chuan (Distinguished Professor, National Taiwan University) Taiwanese


2006 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
SUMIKAWA Keisuke (Adviser, Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.) Japanese
KATAYAMA Tsuneo (Tokyo Denki University) Japanese
NAKAOKA Tomonobu (Executive Director, Aero Asahi Corporation) Japanese
KUROKAWA Takeshi (Head, The Institute of Behavioral Sciences) Japanese
Park Kyung-Boo (President Korea Disaster Prevention Association) Korean


2005 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
MIYAZAWA Shoshichi (Adviser, Toko Engineering Consultants, Ltd.) Japanese
NODA Setsuo (Adviser, Costal Development Institute of Technology) Japanese
ARAMAKI Eiki (President, Infrastructure Development Institute) Japanese
ANG Alfredo H-S. (Emeritus Professor, University of California, Irvine, USA) American


2004 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
KUSAKABE Osamu (Tokyo Institute of Technology) Japanese
WADA Katsuyoshi (Adviser, Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.) Japanese
TOMARU Tokuji (President, Nippon Kensetsu Consultant Co., Ltd.) Japanese
Chi-Shou Hsieh (Chairman, ACECC Committee of CICHE :Chairman, GIBSIN Engineers, Ltd.: Executive, Chinese Taipei APEC Engineer Implementation Committee) Taiwanise


2003 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
TANAKA Hiromasa (Adviser, Central Japan Railway Company) Japanese
ABE Katsuhisa (President, CTI International) Japanese
SOMEYA Akio (Executive Vice President, Port of Nagoya) Japanese
Richard N. WRIGHT (Guest Investigator, Building and Fire Research Laboratory (BFRL), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), USA American


2002 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
SUMIYOSHI Yukihiko (President, Central Consultant Inc.) Japanese
NISHIDA Yukio (Director, International Oceanfront Development Research Center) Japanese
KIM Gwang-Il (Director, JREH Environmental Planning Research Center) Korean


2001 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
AKATSUKA Yuzo (Toyo University) Japanese
KURODA Sadaaki (Japan Railway Technical Service) Japanese
ASANO Takashi (University of California, Davis) American


2000 Awardees

Name (Affiliation) Nationality
ADACHI Hayao (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Japanese
Ben C. GERWICK, Jr. (Ben C. Gerwick, Inc.) American
SATO Kiyoshi (Japan Construction Training Center) Japanese
YOSHIMATSU Teruo (Overseas Economic Cooperation Association) Japanese


1999 Awardees

Name (Affiliation)
HIROTA Takao (The Japan Bank for International Cooperation)
SHIBUYA Minoru (Pacific Consultants International)


1998 Awardees

Name (Affiliation)
MITANI Hiroshi (Metropolitan Expressway Public Corporation)
SUGAWARA Misao (Japan Railway Technical Service)
SHINOZUKA Masanobu (University of Southern California)


1997 Awardees

Name (Affiliation)
SATO Shoji (Japan International Cooperation Agency)
TAMAMITSU Hiroaki (Infrastructure Development Institute - Japan)


1995 Awardees

Name (Affiliation)
NISHINO Fumio (Saitama University)
YAMAGUCHI Masashi (Nippon Koei Co.,Ltd)
Lynn S. BEEDLE (Lehigh University)


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