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2020 Environmental Awards


1. Development of a Water Monitoring System Based on Rapid, High-precision, and Comprehensive Detection of Pathogenic Microorganisms

令和2年度環境賞Iグループ  <br>迅速・高精度・網羅的な病原微生物検出による水監視システムの開発   令和2年度環境賞Iグループ  <br>迅速・高精度・網羅的な病原微生物検出による水監視システムの開発

  • Tatsuo Omura, Tohoku University
  • Faculty of Agriculture, Yamagata University
  • Sewerage Works Bureau, Sendai City
  • Sewerage Works Division & Sales Division, Nihon Suido Consultants CO., Ltd

The issues facing modern society, including population aging, global warming, and internationalization, are factors that increase the human health risks caused by pathogenic microorganisms. This project has developed a water monitoring system that extracts information related to infectious diseases from urban sewage, making it possible to detect epidemics of infectious gastroenteritis in a sewershed earlier than medical reports. This system is significantly more economical than the current epidemic report system, which is based on the number of patients, and regarded as the world's first cutting-edge achievement.

2. Techniques of Creating and Operating a Firefly Biotope at a Reservoir by Using Groundwater as well as Measuring a Regional Contribution

令和2年度環境賞Iグループ  <br>ため池と地下水を活用したホタルが飛ぶビオトープ創造及び運用技術と地域貢献   令和2年度環境賞Iグループ  <br>ため池と地下水を活用したホタルが飛ぶビオトープ創造及び運用技術と地域貢献  令和2年度環境賞Iグループ  <br>ため池と地下水を活用したホタルが飛ぶビオトープ創造及び運用技術と地域貢献

  • KAJIMA Corp.

The current techniques enable to create and operate a firefly biotope which the firefly is a symbol of SATOYAMA. Specifically, rearing of the firefly larva and breeding of the shellfish were developed. In order to create an optimal condition for the habitation of the firefly and the shellfish, water temperature and flow velocity of the waterway were controlled. Furthermore, monitoring systems were developed for surveying the firefly habitat using eDNA, and operating the biotope using IoT technology. This research leads to an important activity in the regional contribution which participating in an environmental education event, transferring the skill for local person oneself to maintain the biotope.

3. Development of Environmentally Friendly Tail Grease

令和2年度環境賞Iグループ  <br>環境にやさしいテールグリースの開発   令和2年度環境賞Iグループ  <br>環境にやさしいテールグリースの開発  令和2年度環境賞Iグループ  <br>環境にやさしいテールグリースの開発

  • Obayashi CORP.
  • ENEOS Corp.

We have developed the environmentally friendly tail grease named “SEALNOC BD” that shows 60% or more biodegradability and low toxicity in water tightness of shield machine. “SEALNOC BD” has passed all of the severe tests required by the Eco Mark Office of Japan Environment Association and obtained the first certification for Eco Mark as a tail grease in Japan. “SEALNOC BD” has been already applied on multiple shield projects and confirmed superior water tightness and pumping performance compared to existing products.



1. A New Form of Industrial Park Development Coexisting with Nature - Initiatives in Eco Factory Mt. Fuji -

令和2年度年度環境賞IIグループ  <br>自然と共生する新しい工業団地開発のかたち<br />
‐富士山南陵工業団地開発事業での取組み‐   令和2年度年度環境賞IIグループ  <br>自然と共生する新しい工業団地開発のかたち<br />
‐富士山南陵工業団地開発事業での取組み‐  令和2年度年度環境賞IIグループ  <br>自然と共生する新しい工業団地開発のかたち<br />

  • Taisei Corp.
  • Mt. Fuji Nanryo Forest Saver
  • NPO Whole Earth Institute
  • NPO Forest Instructor Shizuoka
  • Kobayashi Landscape Co., Ltd.

This project at a 48-hectare industrial park in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, south of Mt. Fuji, has focused on conserving and restoring the existing natural environment and developing a framework for local residents and companies to engage with nature in a sustainable manner. As a result, over 10 years, the nature restoration is smoothly progressing in quality, and companies in the industrial park have more interest in this project. It provides an example of comprehensive efforts for nature and economic activities to coexist, and, therefore, was judged worthy of the JSCE Environmental Award, contributing to the conservation and improvement of the environment.

2. Realization of SDGs and Improvement of Productivity by Using Paper as Construction Materials


令和2年度年度環境賞IIグループ  <br>紙素材を建設資材へ活用してSDGsの実現と生産性向上     令和2年度年度環境賞IIグループ  <br>紙素材を建設資材へ活用してSDGsの実現と生産性向上  令和2年度年度環境賞IIグループ  <br>紙素材を建設資材へ活用してSDGsの実現と生産性向上

  • Shimizu Corp.
  • Oji Holdings Corp.

Temporary materials used at construction sites were used only during construction and were disposed of as industrial waste after use. This developed technology has a high degree of foresight and originality. It is possible to recycle almost 100% of newly developed high strength and high performance paper as a temporary material after use. Because it is lightweight, it does not require heavy machinery and leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions. It also has noise reduction, noise absorption, and heat insulation functions. It improves productivity at the site by precutting and leads to a reduction in environmental impact by eliminating the generation of scrap material. It is also highly innovative as a business model and has been applied to 8 projects so far. It is expected that this technology will contribute not only to the improvement of productivity in the field, but also to the realization of SDGs (Goal 12).


3. Development and Practical Application of Geomembrane Seam Evaluation Technology to Ensure the Construction of a Safe and Secure Landfill with Social Acceptance


令和2年度年度環境賞IIグループ  <br>社会に受容される安心・安全な廃棄物最終処分場の建設を確実とする遮水シート接合部検査技術の開発と実用化<br />
   令和2年度年度環境賞IIグループ  <br>社会に受容される安心・安全な廃棄物最終処分場の建設を確実とする遮水シート接合部検査技術の開発と実用化<br />
   令和2年度年度環境賞IIグループ  <br>社会に受容される安心・安全な廃棄物最終処分場の建設を確実とする遮水シート接合部検査技術の開発と実用化<br />

  • Kyushu University
  • Remote Sensing Research Group for Environmental Conservation and Landfill Liner Management

In landfills, a geomembrane with a thickness of only 1.5 mm plays an essential role in preventing soil and groundwater pollution. In this project, we developed a thermography inspection method for geomembrane seam evaluation to identify defective parts during heat fusion of geomembranes. This is done by measuring the surface temperature of eight landfills to be constructed under different location conditions. So far, inspection time has been shortened, and economic efficiency has improved. This project will ensure the safety of the landfills and contribute to increased social acceptance.


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