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Report of the 4st International Summer Symposium

Date: 3 August 2002
Venue: Kyoto University

The 4th International Summer Symposium took place on Aug. 3 2002 at Kyoto University, Department of Civil Engineering to provide a platform for students and engineers to present, discuss and exchange their research interest in English. It featured 87 paper presentations, a key lecture by Prof. Yuzo Onishi (Kyoto Univ.), and a special lecture by Dr. Fuminao Okumura (Railway Technical Research Institute). The event attracted 130 participants in total. Awards were presented to 13 students with excellent papers at the banquet held in the evening. (Winners list can be found in the website.) On the following day on Aug. 4, Kyoto University student volunteers organized the "Kyoto Walks" for the participating international students for a tour around the long-established city to tap into the traditional Japanese culture.

The "Certificate of Excellence" was awarded to following 13 speakers for their outstanding papers and presentations.

Division1 Structural engineering
Mr. Masoud Soltani (The University of Tokyo)
Ms. Paola Mayorca (The University of Tokyo)
Division 2 Earthquake Engineering
Mr. Bishnu Hari Pandey (The University of Tokyo)
Division 3 Hydraulic Engineering
Dr. Assela Pathirana (Chuo University)
Mr. Ahmed Sayed Mohamed Ahmed (The University of Tokyo)
Division 4 Geotechnical Engineering
Mr. Shailendra Amatya (Gifu University)
Ms. Regina Salas-Monge (The University of Tokyo)
Dr. Maulidya Indah Junica (Yamaguchi University)
Division 5 Materials and Construction
Mr. Mahmoud Abo El-Wafa (Okayama University)
Division 6 Urban Planning and Transportation
Mr. Kerati Kijmanawat (The University of Tokyo)
Dr. Dilum Dissanayake (Nagoya University)
Division 7 Environment & Others
Mr. Shamal Chandra Das (Saitama University)
Mr. Khan Mohammad Brohi (Nagoya University)

(Junji Kiyono, Chair, Organizing Committee of the Fourth International Summer Symposium, JSCE,)