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Report of the 7st International Summer Symposium

Date: 30 July 2005
Venue: JSCE Head Quarters

The Seventh International Summer Symposium organised by the International Activities Committee of JSCE (Chair: Prof. Osamu Takahashi, President of Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.) was held at JSCE headquarter, Tokyo, on 30 July, 2005. The Summer Symposium is held annually so as to provide an opportunity to exchange information and ideas concerned with various aspects of civil engineering among international students and engineers, including Japanese. The objective of the symposium is also to promote international exchange and mutual understanding between international communities and Japanese students and engineers. The Summer Symposium started in 1999 and has had a high reputation as a valuable opportunity for exchanges among students and engineers in English. The Seventh Summer Symposium was supported by the International Scientific Exchange Fund, JSCE.

The number of attendants of the symposium was 103 (international students/engineers: 60; Japanese students/engineers: 43). A keynote lecture was given by Prof. Tsutomu Usami from Nagoya University titled “Recent Developments in Seismic Upgrading Methods for Steel Bridge Structures”. There were a total of 83 technical presentations from 7 areas in civil engineering (i.e., I. Structural Mechanics and Earthquake Engineering: 20; II. Hydraulic, Coastal and Environmental Engineering: 13; III. Geotechnical Engineering: 14; IV. Infrastructure Planning and Management: 10; V. Materials, Concrete Structures and Pavements: 7; VI. Construction Management and Engineering: 10; VII. Environmental Systems and Engineering: 9). The symposium was brought to a close with the Get-Acquainted Reception where there were lively exchanges between the participants. The "Certificate of Excellence" was awarded, during this reception, to following 17 speakers for their outstanding papers and presentations.

G. H. M. Jimila Subashi (Saitama Univ.)/Said Elkholy (Univ. of Tokyo)/Zhiyi Chen (Nagoya Univ.)/Takeshi Katakai (Nagoya Univ.)/Shinjiro Miyawaki (Nagoya Univ.)/XI Qing (Nagoya Univ.)/Kaushal Raj Sharma (Ritsumeikan Univ.)/Chaminda Pathma Kumara Gallage (Univ. of Tokyo)/Sajjad Maqbool (Univ. of Tokyo)/Kai Liu (Nagoya Univ.)/Tuenjai Fukuda (Nihon Univ.)/Aung Kyaw Min (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)/Bilal Bakht (Saitama Univ.)/Takashi Goso (Kochi Univ. of Technology)/Yosuke Yasuda (Kochi Univ. of Technology)/Chen Guo (Kochi Univ. of Technology)/Thidar Aye (Saitama Univ.)

The Summer Symposium closed with a promise to meet again in the Eighth International Summer Symposium to be held in Nagoya University next year.

(Hanbin Ge, Chair, Organizing Committee of the Seventh International Summer Symposium, JSCE)

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