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Report of the 1st International Summer Symposium

Date: 6 August 1999
Venue: JSCE Headquarters

Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) is on the progressive step toward the internationalization of its activity to develop the mutual understanding between overseas and Japanese engineers. JSCE recognizes overseas students and engineers in Japan as the valuable resource that we can share opinions and ideas to strengthen the core knowledge in civil engineering. As an effort to accomplish its goal, JSCE initiates the symposium titled "The First International Summer Symposium".

JSCE plans to hold the summer symposium annually. The symposium is all conducted in English. The overseas students studying in civil engineering are sincerely encouraged to participate in the summer symposium.

The first symposium was held at JSCE Headquarters in Tokyo on August 6, 1999. The symposium gathered exactly about 80 papers and the topics covered the following 7 areas: (1)Structural Engineering, (2)Earthquake Engineering, (3)Hydraulics, (4)Geotechnical Engineering, (5)Materials, (6)Urban Planning and Transportation, and (7)Environment.

There were 86 presentations at the symposium. We hope that the symposium contributed to renewing our visions and in sights to deal with civil engineering problems for the sustainable developments of countries in the coming 21st century.