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vol.105 No.10 October 2020

What is the true innovation required by infrastructure maintenance sites?
An in-depth look at infrastructure DX

Infrastructure constructed in Japan during the period of strong economic growth has rapidly deteriorated over the last half century. And the method of throwing people at a given problem currently utilized in maintenance will not be enough to solve this problem. Instead, the idea of breaking with conventional methods needs to be prioritized going forward. The concept of digital transformation (DX), which changes existing values and frameworks in fundamental ways, is beginning to be used at infrastructure maintenance sites. However, many new technologies, including those seen at exhibitions, have yet to be commercialized or put to practical use. At the same time, there are systems and instances of underlying technologies that have already begun to be used in response to on-site needs through the utilization of open innovation and changes in thinking. This special feature focuses on the form of the true innovation required by infrastructure maintenance sites. It covers case studies and introduces new technologies in various areas, focusing on systems and underlying technologies utilized in the field.


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