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vol.105 No.2 February  2020

A real world without originals: Rapidly evolving virtual reality technologies

The term virtual reality (VR), defined as an artificial reality that exists in essence or effect though not in actual fact or form, first appeared about thirty years ago. VR technology allows different realities, necessary elements, and information to be selected based on a given purpose or objective, making the results available in an artificial environment that is reproduced in a realistic manner. Through examples of this technology’s applications in various fields, this special feature will examine to what effect VR is being used in construction and will also explore both what is and is not needed for its practical application and implementation within society. The objective of this special feature is to not only highlight how VR is currently being used but to also gain insight into subsequent developments and visions of the future. And by exploring these ideas, we aim to encourage readers to consider this evolving technology as an available tool for use.


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