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vol.105 No.3 March  2020

An Anthology of Perspectives: Dams and Beyond

In recent years, communicating with other fields and interdisciplinary cooperation has grown increasingly important in public works projects. In addition to standard discussions with stakeholders and reports, public works projects are shifting to include a focus on interactions with natural environments and ecosystems as greater importance is placed on sustainability, as well as dialogues with a wide range of concerned parties to facilitate regional development.

This special feature is an anthology of perspectives and includes a review summarizing the history and types of dialogue with stakeholders in dam projects, a roundtable discussion on the removal of the Arase Dam, and 10 case studies from Japan and around the world. Subjects covered by dialogues and environmental and human concerns are diverse, making it difficult for any given project to satisfy all areas and all parties. However, mutual understanding can be gained by considering and understanding what each party involved deems critical through open dialogues, developing actions aimed at sustainable development, and communicating the processes used as well as the results gained in public works projects.


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