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vol.105 No.1 January  2020

Megathrust Earthquake and Natural Disaster Preparedness:
Intelligence Gathering and Transmission During Disasters and its Application to Rapid Recovery

This special feature is focused on preparedness for megathrust earthquakes and natural disasters, intelligence gathering and transmission during disasters, and its application to aiding rapid recoveries. We summarize the latest research on the collection and communication of information during disasters, activities aimed at preventing and mitigating disasters, and the implementation of business continuity plans (BCP) within society. Specifically, this special feature showcases the summary of a report by the Japan Society of Civil Engineers’ Technical Investigative Committee on Ensuring Resilience as well as an overview of Enhancement of Societal Resiliency against Natural Disasters, one of the challenges on which the second stage of the Cabinet Office’s Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP) is focused. We also cover the efforts of national and local public organizations as well as the status of BCPs and the gathering and communication of disaster-related information from the perspective of private companies.

By focusing on the application of information in real time, damage analysis based on various types of data, and BCPs and preparedness to facilitate rapid recoveries following disasters, this special feature makes apparent the current state of and issues regarding realistic preparedness for large-scale disasters that occur over wide areas. Through this, we aim to create an opportunity to share awareness regarding preparedness for large-scale disasters.


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