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vol.105 No.12 December 2020

Co-Building Disaster Information Through Stakeholder Collaboration ─ Taking One Step Further Towards a Safe and Secure Society

In response to the frequent natural disasters seen in recent years, experts and the media have focused on devising ways to make information easier to understand and communicating a sense of urgency so that the public can take the necessary action to save lives. In March 2020, the Cabinet Office and the experts at the Japan Meteorological Agency created a five-level warning system to provide various information on disaster prevention in an easy-to-understand manner, the purpose of which is to save lives by increasing awareness and enabling the public to evacuate to safety at their own discretion. But do efforts like this by those communicating the information really lead to action that saves lives? And what exactly is information that can be used to save lives? This special feature explores the future of life-saving information based on reports and discussions by researchers and engineers, local governments, and the media—people and bodies who have continued to ask questions like this over the years.

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