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Tanaka Award

2012 Tanaka Awards

1.Shin-minato Bridge
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Hokuriku Regional Development Bureau, Fushiki-Toyama Port Office
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Hokuriku Regional Development Bureau,Niigata Research and Engineering Office for Port and Airport
Nippon Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd.
Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd.
Newjec Inc.
Nippon Civic Consulting Engineers Co.,Ltd
Hitachi Zosen Corporation
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Joint Venture of Coastal Development Institute Of Technology and Eight-Japan Engineering Consultants Inc.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bridge & Steel Structures Engineering Co., Ltd.
Yokogawa Bridge Corp.
JFE Engineering Corporation
Joint Venture of Hitachi Zosen Corporation and Kawada Industries, Inc.
Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd.
Kowa Co.,Ltd
Honmaroad Corporation
Kakimoto Co.Ltd
Joint Venture of Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd., Toa Corporation and Sato Kogyo Co,ltd.
Joint Venture of Kajima Corporation, Maeda Corporation and Honmaroad Corporation
Joint Venture of Toa Corporation and Wakachiku Construction Co.,Ltd.
Obayashi Corporation
Kabuki Construction co.,ltd
Takenaka Civil Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.
Joint Venture of Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. and Hitachi Zosen Corporation
Kawada Industries, Inc.
The Zenitaka Corporation
Joint Venture of Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd. and Aomi Construction Co.,Ltd.
The Shin-Minato Bridge is part of a 3.6-km-long port road connecting the eastern and western areas of the harbor entrance to the Toyama New Port. As the main bridge of the harbor road, the 600-m-long Shin-Minato Bridge possesses 127-m-high main masts and a central span of 360m. The bridge was designed as a double deck structure with bicycle and pedestrian access under the roadway.
Concerning the bridge design, the A-form of the main masts and uniform white finish produce an attractive and sharp appearance that harmoniously blends with Tateyama Mountain Range in the distance.


2.Awa Shirasagi Bridge
Tokushima Prefecture
Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd.
Joint Venture of Yokogawa Bridge Corp., Kawada Industries, INC. and ARS Bridge & Engineering Co., Ltd.
Joint Venture of TTK Corp., Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Kanrei shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Joint Venture of Komaihaltec INC., IHI Infrastructure Systems Co., Ltd. and ARS Bridge & Engineering Co., Ltd.
Joint Venture of ARS Bridge & Engineering Co., Ltd., Novil Public Works Corp. and Kanrei shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Joint Venture of Yokogawa Bridge Corp. and Takadakiko Co., Ltd.
Joint Venture of ARS Bridge & Engineering Co., Ltd. and MITOMO SEISAKUSYO
Joint Venture of Novil Public Works Corp. and Ohkubo Industry Co., Ltd.
Joint Venture of Shimizu Corp., Kameigumi Co., Ltd. and KYORITSU
Joint Venture of Hazama Ando Corp., Inoue Construction Co., Ltd. and Yoshinari Construction
Joint Venture of Daiho Corp., Himenogumi Co., Ltd. and Shimatani Construction
Joint Venture of Toa Corp., Kaneko Construction Co., Ltd. and Taniguchi Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Joint Venture of Okumura Corp., Inoue Construction Co., Ltd. and AKAMATSU DOKEN
Located about 2km from the mouth of the Yoshino River, the Awa Shirasagi Bridge is part of the Tokushima Outer Ring Road Project. This particular section of the construction involves the erection of the 575m superstructure comprised of the four-span continuous “Cable Egret” plate-girder bridge.
A long span was used due to the presence of a tidal flat at the base of the bridge that serves as a habitat for rare species. As a measure to avoid obstructing the flight paths of birds, this bridge form was employed with its low height for the main masts and minimal amount of cable strands.


3.Second Ondo Bridge
Hiroshima Prefecture
HIROKON Co., Ltd.,  Chuden Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd
IHI Infrastructure Systems ・Kawada Industries ・Yokogawa Bridge  JV, Orientaru Shiraishi ・Onoki Construction  JV, Matsumoto Construction Co., Ltd,  Yoshinobu Construction  Co., Ltd , Onoki Construction Co., Ltd
Fifty years since the construction of the Ondo Bridge, the Kegoya Ondo Bypass connecting Kegoya of the city of Kure with the town of Ondo is under construction in order to mitigate the increasing chronic traffic congestion of the Ondo Bridge. As a section of this bypass, the Second Ondo Bridge is located approximately 350m to the north of the Ondo Bridge. Once completed, with a total length of 292m and 280m between the arch supports, it will become the forth longest arch bridge in the nation.
The largest domestic industrial-sized floating crane was used to construct the large block of the center span in a single section, requiring the adoption of an aerial joint construction.


4.Sanagawa Bridge
Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited
Kajima Corporation
The Sanagawa Bridge in Aichi Prefecture has been constructed under a design-build contract for a package of substructure and superstructure. The Sanagawa Bridge is a 699m long 6-span continuous rigid frame PC box girder bridge with a main span of 142m long and a maximum pier height of 89m.
High-strength rebar and concrete were used for the piers, and high-strength concrete with ordinary Portland cement was used for the superstructure for enhanced durability.
A “Cut-Bamboo” type structure has been adopted for the construction of foundation to minimize environmental modifications.
The considerations for durability and construction method made in this bridge that will contribute significantly to the development of future bridge technology deserve the Japan Society of Civil Engineers Tanaka award.


Tanaka Awards

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