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IAC News No.5,Nov.2,2012

Japan Society of Civil Engineers International Activities Center November 2, 2012 IAC News No.5

The IAC at Work to Develop Int'l Activity

A Suggestion for Effective IAC’s Operation and Activity

International Activities Center began to work in April 2012. As globalization is increasing in economic and social activities, JSCE is aware of its responsibility for assisting the internationalization of construction industry by facilitating an academic-public-private partnership. In order to fulfill the responsibility, I would like to propose the actions:

 1. Strengthening an academic-public-private partnership in developing international activities (the partnership among the construction and consulting industries, universities, and the ministry)

 2. Establishing and stabilizing a “doing-oriented” approach to IAC activity

 3. Improving the international communication and collaboration and visibility of JSCE committees’ activities

 4. Upgrading the cooperation and collaboration between JSCE and its Asian, U.S. and U.K. counterparts, with focus on ACECC activity

 5. Enhancing JSCE’s Int’l Sections activities and communication with/among overseas members and  international student members in Japan

 6. Building an Asia-wide network among civil engineering professionals and expanding it worldwide

I would encourage civil engineers and particularly JSCE members to motivate themselves to acquire international perspectives and practical skills to participate in an international community or in communication.

International Communication Group

FY 2012 Goal- Establishing a stable and sustainable basis of IAC for strengthening international cooperation and collaboration

JSCE has 9 Sections overseas, which were established by the effort and commitment of my senior colleagues in the Int’l Chapter. Many of the JSCE members might not know about these sections because you have little access or information given by the Int’l Chapter. Also JSCE has signed the Agreement of Cooperation (AOC) with as many as 26 civil engineering societies overseas.

On the basis of these linkages, the Int’l Communication and Collaboration Group has set a goal for FY 2012: establishing a stable and sustainable basis of IAC for strengthening JSCE’s international cooperation and collaboration, and has moved into high gear its effort to achieve the goal, making good use of the conventional management and operation. 

The IAC has set communication channels as below, and together with each group making activity plans. It is trying to keep up its effort. Because of understaffing, it may rely on your support and assistance. Your help and cooperation would be deeply appreciated. 

 <Report 1: EIT-JSCE Seminar on Design, Maintenance and Strengthening of Bridges in Thailand and Japan>

EIT-JSCE Seminar on Design, Maintenance and Strengthening of Bridges in Thailand and Japan was held in Bangkok, Thailand on August 23 and co-hosted by Structural Engineering Committee, JSCE and Subcommittee on Bridge and Structural, Engineering Institute of Thailand under H. M. King’s Patronage (EIT).

Almost 170 participants shared their views and ideas, and the EIT-JSCE seminar ended on a high note.

For more details, please visit: http://committees.jsce.or.jp/kokusai/node/32.

<Report 2: ASCE 142nd Annual Civil Engineering Conference in Montreal, Canada,Oct 18-20>

American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) 142nd Annual Civil Engineering Conference was held in Montreal, Canada on October 18 to 20, and a JSCE delegation headed by Dr. Hirofumi Ohnishi, JSCE Executive Director participated in the meeting. The JSCE delegation had a meeting to discuss donation programs and student member recruitment with the Director of International Relations of ASCE. Also the delegation invited ASCE to JSCE’s 100th Anniversary Celebration and commemorative events to be held in 2014. 

For more details, please visit: http://committees.jsce.or.jp/kokusai/node/35.

※ Total No. of participants: approx. 560

  Total participating countries: 18 except USA (Canada, Nigeria, Congo, Ghana, South Africa, Lebanon, Panama, Costa Rica, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Korea, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Mongolia and Japan)  

 <Report 3: 2012 KSCE Annual Conference and Civil Exposition, Gwangju, Oct 24-25>

2012 KSCE Annual Conference and Civil Exposition was held at Chonnam National University in Gwangju on October 24-25, 2012, and the JSCE delegation headed by Mr. Kotaro Hashimoto the President-Elect was participated in the meeting.

During the annual conference, KSCE and JSCE had the meeting to discuss mutual cooperation and joint projects. Last year these two parties decided to have a bilateral meeting regularly and to discuss a long-term cooperation.

This year again KSCE and JSCE headed by Prof. Jongsung Sim the 2013 KSCE President and Mr. Hashimoto respectively sat together around a table

and frankly exchanged and shared ideas and views.

For more details, please visit: http://committees.jsce.or.jp/kokusai/node/33.

<A Message from Int’l Section>

Please find out about the new steel bridge design method using sandwich slab technology in the construction of “Awa-Shirasagi Ohashi Bridge,” which is introduced on “The Structural Engineer.”  Mr. Daisuke Saito of the UK Section, as we introduced his paper in the IAC News No. 3, provides us another interesting discussion on that bridge. The beautiful photo of the bridge is published on the cover of the magazine. (http://www.istructe.org/journal/volumes/volume-90/issues/issue-8

What’s Happening

 Nov.22 :Int’l Construction Management Series 4/5 (http://committees.jsce.or.jp/kokusai/management2012)

 Dec.15 :Int’l Construction Management Series 5/5  (http://committees.jsce.or.jp/kokusai/management2012)

A Message from IAC

IAC would like to communicate and share information with more people through the IAC News. If your friends are interested in the IAC News and JSCE/ IAC’s activities, please invite them to subscribe to this newsletter.Please fill out the IAC News registration form:


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President’s Mumbling

We had a Roundtable Meeting on the theme “Multilateral Cooperation/ Collaboration in Developing Disaster-Resilient Infrastructures as part of Int’l Program during 2012 JSCE Annual Meeting held at Nagoya University, September 5 and 6.  Prof. Masahiko Isobe (the Univ. of Tokyo) conducted the roundtable meeting skillfully, and about 20 participants from 18 countries (Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Nepal, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam) actively engaged in discussions.

At the discussion on the 5th、not only AOC representatives but also decision-makers for natural disaster mitigation and management policies exchanged information, ideas and views on earthquake, tsunami, flood, land slide, cyclone typhoons and others. They continued their discussion on the next day and considered disaster information collection and dissemination, disaster mitigation measures, systems, regulations and international cooperation, and reached an agreement to establish “Asian Board” so as to further their discussions every year.  I was convinced that the discussion provided us with one opportunity for building multilateral cooperation in developing a disaster-resilient society.  I look forward to seeing many Japanese civil engineers work for realization of such a society.  


Staff’s Mumbling

Deep autumn now. Are you enjoying a clean, crisp air? The IAC staff has been caught up in preparing and participating in the annual meetings of AOC societies, needless to say traveling around, in October and November. We may be busy but feel productive. We will update you with those annual meetings and our stories. (O)

【Comments and Questions】 Please let us know of any comments, ideas and suggestions you have for improving this news. We look forward to hearing from you. JSCE IAC: iac-news@jsce.or.jp