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2021 Tanaka Awards


令和2年度度 田中賞作品部門 別埜谷橋   令和2年度度 田中賞作品部門 別埜谷橋   令和2年度度 田中賞作品部門 別埜谷橋

  • Sri Lanka Road Development Authority, Oriental Consultants Global Company Limited, Katahira Engineers International in association with Consulting Engineer and Architects Associated (Pvt.) Ltd. and Project Management Associate International (Pvt.) Ltd. Joint Venture
  • Package-1 : JMT Joint Venture JFE Engineering Corporation, Mitsui E&S Holdings Co., Ltd. and TODA CORPORATION
  • Package2 : Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co.,Ltd. Sanken Construction (Pvt.) Ltd. Joint Venture

The old Kelani Bridge to connect the Capital Colombo, Bandaranaike International Airport, and Colombo Port, was under chronic daily traffic congestion that hampers the economic development in Sri Lanka. The Project, funded by a JICA loan, provides a comprehensive solution for smooth travel by construction of the Extra-Dosed Bridge with the lotus petal stylized tower combined with the continuous rigid frame box girder bridges at both ends. The steel rigid portal frame piers and steel box girder viaducts were also applied at the junctions. The various new technologies of selection bridge materials, design and construction were diligently utilized to contribute to the bridge technology development in Sri Lanka onwards, which makes us believe that the Project is suitable for the Tanaka Award.

2. Tamagawa Sky Bridge

令和2年度度 田中賞作品部門 新阿蘇大橋   令和2年度度 田中賞作品部門 新阿蘇大橋   令和2年度度 田中賞作品部門 新阿蘇大橋

  • Kawasaki City, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  • Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd.
  • Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd.
  • Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd., Hitachi Zosen Corporation, Fudo Tetra Corporation, Yokogawa Bridge Corp., Honma Construction Co. Ltd and Takata Corporation Joint Venture

The task of building this bridge was completed at unprecedented speed, taking only 8 years to plan, design and construct. Its design gives utmost consideration to the abundant nature at the mouth of the Tama River, striking a fine balance between ease of maintenance and the ability to blend in with the surroundings. It has the longest central span of any composite rigid-frame bridge in Japan at 240 meters, yet manages to maintain an unparalleled beauty by keeping its overall height below 7 meters.


令和2年度度 田中賞作品部門 中橋   令和2年度度 田中賞作品部門 中橋   令和2年度度 田中賞作品部門 中橋

  • Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport, Kyushu Regional Development Bureau, Ariake Sea Coastal National Highway Office
  • Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd.
  • MM Bridge Co., Ltd., Miyaji Engineering Co., Ltd. and Kawada Industries, Inc. Joint Venture
  • Egami Construction Inc.
  • Novac Co., Ltd.
  • Ibi Construction Inc.

Ariake Chikugo River Bridge is a steel continuous single arch with a maximum span of 170m and a bridge length of 450m as a new form in Japan.
The bridge has been designed at the deuteragonist grade, to complement the scenery, and to enhance the value of important designated historical heritages of the country. 
As an engineering innovation, the characteristics of the foundation, such as a settlement, were determined through the loading tests on piles to be incorporated in the design work. 
Both Engineering and aesthetic design work was recognized as worthy of the Tanaka Prize of JSCE.


令和2年度 田中賞作品部門 森村橋   令和2年度 田中賞作品部門 森村橋   令和2年度 田中賞作品部門 森村橋

  • West Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Nippon P.S. Co., Ltd.

Tadeno No.2 bridge is a 103m-long, concrete decked, two-span steel plate girder bridge.
Located in a heavily snowing area in Shimane prefecture, the reinforced concrete deck slab was severely deteriorated due to reinforcement corrosion triggered by antifreeze agents.
The deck was replaced by Dura-Slab. Made of high-strength polyvinyl alcohol fiber reinforced concrete and Aramid fiber reinforced polymer rods as pre-stressing tendons, Dura-Slab completely avoids corrosion-prone steel members achieving ultra-high durability. 
Utilizing an ultra-durable structure which requires virtually no maintenance with a reduced carbon footprint, the project deserves to win the Japan Society of Civil Engineers Tanaka award. 


令和2年度 田中賞作品部門 堂島大橋の長寿命化対策   令和2年度 田中賞作品部門 堂島大橋の長寿命化対策   令和2年度 田中賞作品部門 堂島大橋の長寿命化対策

  • Civil engineering section, Construction Department of Mino City
  • Japan Cultural Heritage Consultancy
  • Nippon Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd.
  • Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.
  • Sho-bond Corporation
  • Toa Seisakusho

This project is the repair for conservation of Mino Bridge, which is the oldest modern suspension bridge in Japan. The repair and reinforcement were made to ensure the bridge’s continued safe use, and to preserve its historic value, since Mino Bridge is designated as National Important Cultural Property.
In order to do so, members of the bridge were reused as much as possible, and when they have to be replaced, the construction methods of then, such as rivet joining, were used. On the other hand, latest technology is also used especially in the main tower for aseismic reinforcing. 
This pioneering project would be a role model of the repair of historical bridges and deserves the Japan Society of Civil Engineers Tanaka award. 

6. Precast PC slab with UFC layer (UFC composite slab)

令和2年度 田中賞作品部門 常磐橋修復事業   令和2年度 田中賞作品部門 常磐橋修復事業   令和2年度 田中賞作品部門 常磐橋修復事業

  • East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
  • Obayashi Corporation

The UFC composite slab is a precast PC slab with a composite structure in which ultra-high-strength fiber reinforced concrete (hereinafter referred to as "UFC"), which is dense and has excellent impermeability, is placed over the concrete top surface. The UFC composite slab is fabricated in a factory, and when it is erected on site, UFC is also placed and bonded at the joints between slabs, making the entire bridge surface watertight with UFC.
This technology has been recognized as contributing to the future maintenance of bridges by shortening the on-site process and saving labor, as well as improving the durability of the slab and reducing the life cycle cost.