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vol.107 No.7 July 2022

Construction Site Histories of Concrete Dams and Mountain Tunnels

This special feature is focused on general contractor engineers, specifically postwar construction of concrete dams and mountain tunnels. Both types of construction exhibit characteristics typical of civil engineering—local and one-off production—and involve a face off against the immense force of nature which is a mountain; the severe realities of such work are often covered in books and films. Despite these challenges, productivity and safety improvements have been made over the years by introducing new construction methods and technologies as well as by establishing new laws and regulations. These improvements continue today. At the same time, issues regarding operational efficiency and the passing down of technical capabilities remain.
Through five articles and two roundtable discussions, this special feature explores the history of productivity and safety improvements at construction sites, where they stand today, and their prospects for the future. The goal is to pique the reader’s curiosity and deepen their understanding of concrete dam and mountain tunnel construction. Additionally, this special feature aims to communicate the appeal of general contractors’ engineering work at the forefront of construction sites.


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