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vol.107 No.6 June 2022

River Basin Disaster Resilient and Sustainability by All

In response to changes in social conditions such as a declining population and aging society with fewer children, as well as more severe and frequent flooding due to recent climate change, a shift is underway from the traditional river management with administrative divisions to measures to reduce flood damage by distributing risk within a river basin. To facilitate this change in river management, the legal system, including land use regulations and other restrictions on individual rights, was revised in April 2021. Many issues need to be addressed to facilitate this change, such as the economic and non-economic burden on residents and the coordination of watershed stakeholders. Therefore, it is necessary to gain the cooperation of residents and businesses by carefully explaining the introduction of this initiative, named ”River Basin Disaster Resilient and Sustainability by All.” For this purpose, this special issue reports on the process leading up to the introduction of this new river management method, the advancement of disaster prevention through advanced research, and efforts from the respective standpoints of government, business, and residents.


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