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vol.107 No.5 March 2022

Geopolitics and Civil Engineering

Since the mid-2010s, China has worked to implement its One Belt One Road infrastructure development strategy (also known as the Belt and Road Initiative). On the other hand, Japan has formulated its Infrastructure System Export Strategy and advocated for a free and open Indo-Pacific, working to expand high quality infrastructure overseas. International cooperation in the field of infrastructure is also seeing progress all over the world including other parts of Asia, European and American nations. 

This special feature discusses future international developments in civil engineering given the rapid changes in global geopolitics. It will examine whether Japan, whose domestic civil engineering market is maturing, has the ability to expand into new markets by exporting infrastructure and whether the field of civil engineering can transform into a global growth industry. The feature also explores the opportunities for the field of civil engineering to realize the next generation of international cooperation that would align with geopolitical strategies, while considering the arguments made regarding Japan’s strengths and the challenges it faces in terms of technological advantages, price competitiveness, and human resource and organizational structures as it looks to expand infrastructure globally.

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