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vol.107 No.4 April 2022

The first step to becoming an ally

Facing the reality of discrimination and prejudice in the civil engineering industry, this special feature aims to provide readers with an opportunity to take the first step toward becoming an ally. The goal is to develop a better understanding of the issues at hand and to explore possible actions to take. The feature opens with key results of a survey on diversity and inclusion in civil engineering conducted to grasp the current state of the industry. We ask researcher Asa Ito about how different viewpoints change our perceptions of the world. Sociologist Chikako Mori then explains the significance of becoming an ally. And members of minority communities in the civil engineering industry in Japan discuss their experiences and share their thoughts. In the second half, we introduce a survey on discrimination and prejudice by the Institution of Civil Engineers in the UK. Contributors from inside and outside the industry then share initiatives and ideas for taking the first step forward. At last, those who led the survey on diversity and inclusion for the Japan Society of Civil Engineers in preparation for this special feature share their findings.

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