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vol.107 No.1 January 2022

Past and Future Steps to Reconstruct and Revitalize Fukushima

Following the nuclear disaster in 2011, local government officials and residents alike are working to rebuild their former lives in Fukushima and create attractive local communities. Medium and long-term problems remain, such as dealing with contaminated soil and treated water, supporting and enabling long-term evacuees to return home, and the continued existence of areas that cannot yet be used or lived in safely. These problems inevitably affect Japan as a whole, and each and every individual must confront them. This special feature first reports on the current state of the environmental recovery given the continued decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and the radioactive contamination of the area. Next, articles on the efforts by the affected local governments and interviews with people involved in reconstruction explore the situation on the ground in different parts of Fukushima. Finally, a roundtable discussion with young experts on the reconstruction of Fukushima and energy issues examines the future of reconstruction in Fukushima, ways to deal with risks on the path to building communities, and communication issues.

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