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vol.106 No.11 November 2021

The soil we don’t know yet

In the civil engineering field, soil is often handled by focusing mainly on the physical and mechanical properties of soil. However, in the agricultural field, in addition to physical properties, chemical properties and microbial properties are often focused on and handled. In this way, When the fields and ideas are different, the meaning of soil is different.

In the civil engineering field, soil is complicated and inhomogeneous, and large uncertainty has been a big problem in the past, but it has not been solved even now. In recent years, sediment disasters such as slope failures and landslides have become major social issues.

In this special feature, not only the civil engineering field but also soil in other fields were written by experts in specialized fields. We would like you to understand the soil in human culture and life as much as possible, be interested in the soil in civil engineering again, and feel the fun, difficulty, and potential of soil.

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