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vol.106 No.9 September 2021

Big pictures of infrastructures in Tokyo and surrounding areas

The Kanto region, which has the Japanese capital, Tokyo, is the most populated. It is also the center of transportation, economy, politics, and culture. Various civil engineering projects have stabilized the life of people living in the Kanto region. Moreover, recently, projects to strengthen international competitiveness and to grow into a world city have been promoted. The development of infrastructure in the Kanto region should be seen as not one region but whole land based on a big picture.

Therefore, this special article focuses on two targets. One is to look back past infrastructure development. The other is to introduce a big picture of the future one in the Kanto region.

First, the developing history of the Kanto region affected by social infrastructure development and its future is introduced.

Next, past and future efforts in various fields such as disaster prevention, roads, and railways are introduced.

Finally, the construction industry's DX and general participation-type community development topics are introduced as a new attempt.

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