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The 3rd JSCE-CCES Joint Symposium Online

★The 3rd JSCE-CCES Joint Symposium Online

On the occasion of the centennial of the founding in 2014, JSCE started a new chapter in communication with the Chinese Civil Engineering Society (CCES); both societies agreed upon jointly holding a symposium, which started in 2016. Since then, every two years, CCES and JSCE have held the symposium taking turn hosting it. The first symposium was held at the headquarter in Tokyo, hosted by JSCE, and the second one was done at Tongji University in Shanghai 2018, hosted by CCES. In view of those successful experiences, the third one will invite experts in the fields of hydraulic engineering, river engineering, and coastal engineering. They will discuss disaster risk mitigation and prevention, climate change adaptation, river maintenance, coastal conservation, remote sensing, and exchange views and ideas to tackle the challenges and issues that they are facing.

In addition, we will report the current status of flood disasters that occurred in China, Germany, the United States and other areas this summer. The series of flood disasters reminds us of the 2019 heavy rain disaster that Japan experienced and awakens a sense of crisis. These disasters occurring in around the world can be viewed from a global perspective to develop countermeasures in international cooperation. We may be better to start up preparing for next natural disasters. Let's share views and ideas with those experts.

We look forward to your participation.

◆Date: October 20, 21 (JST)
◆Venue: Zoom Meeting
◆Capacity: 200
◆Registration Fee: Free
◆Registration URL:  https://forms.office.com/r/n7UaUbEnfv
Registration Deadline: October 17 (JST)


⇒Please download the session program:


★Day 1 (October 20)

9:00~10:35 (Zoom Meeting Room1) 

 ・9:00~9:15: Opening Greetings

                       Prof. Tamon Ueda, President-Elect, JSCE

                       Prof. Xianglin Gu, Vice Rector, Tongji University

                       Prof. Hitoshi Tanaka


   Keynote Speech 1 "Global and Regional Hydrolojical Simulation under Climate Change"
                               Prof. Shinjiro Kanae, Tokyo Institute of Technology


  Keynote Speech 2  “Recent Advances on Rock-Filled Dams”
                             Prof. Feng Jin, Tsinghua University

 ・10:35~10:45: Coffee break


   Session1(Zoom Meeting Room1): Hydraulic Engeneering 1 - River

   Session 2 (Zoom Meeting Room 2): Coastal Engineering 2 - Coastal modeling

   ・12:15~13:15: Lunch

 ・13:15~14:45: Session 3 (Zoom Meeting Room 2): Coastal Engineering 2 - Coastal environment

  ・14:45~14:55: Coffee break


 Session 4 (Zoom Meeting Room1): Hydraulic Engineering 2 - Hydrology

 Session 5 (Zoom Meeting Room2):Coastal Engineering 3 - Structures on coast

  ・16:10~16:20: Coffee break


   Special Session (Zoom Meeting Room1)

   Dr. April J. Lander, ASCE Region 10 Past President

   Assoc.Prof. Tomohito Yamada, Hokkaido University

 Mr. Fang Yang, Professorate senior engineer, Pearl River Water Resource Commission

   Mr. Zeping Xu, Professorate senior engineer, China Institute of Water Resources and hydropower Research

   Assoc.Prof. Takahiro Sayama, Kyoto University Disaster Prevention Research


   Prof. Yasuto Tachikawa, Kyoto University



★Day 2 (October 21)

9:00~10:20 (Zoom Meeting Room 1)


  Keynote Speeches

  “Estuarine environmental processes and management from the past

  toward the future”

  Prof. Jun Sasaki, The University of Tokyo

  “Traverse Oscillations in Harbors with Various Water Depth”

  Prof. Jinhai Zheng, Hohai University

 ・10:20~10:30 Coffee break


   Session 6 (Zoom Meeting Room1):Hydraulic Engineering 3 - Environment

   Session 7 (Zoom Meeting Room2):Coastal Engineering 4 - others

 ・12:00~12:10: Closing Remarks (Zoom Meeting Room1) Prof. Da Chen. Hohai University