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vol.106 No.6 June 2021

Design, engineers, and drawings

Forty-five years ago, the JSCE Magazine raised two issues. The first was that although automated structural design programs had made significant contributions to the rationalization of design work, they had also hindered the training of so-called true engineers. The second was that engineers only saw themselves as small cogs in a much larger machine due to excessive division of labor, causing these same engineers to lose sight of the passion that drove their work. While the environment surrounding the civil engineering world has changed dramatically since then, these issues still apply today. The recent rapid growth of data-driven digitalization has caused the number of engineers to fall, causing some in the industry to voice concerns over how skills will be taught and passed down going forward.
This special issue therefore asks engineers with extensive involvement or experience in design to share their thoughts on design and the importance of engineers. The objective is to communicate these ideas to young and mid-career engineers and encourage them to consider the significance of engaging in design in the transforming world of civil engineering.

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