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vol.106 No.4 April 2021

Civil Engineering by and for Civil Engineers in Their Thirties

People in their thirties are at an age when their living environments change drastically with their increased responsibilities at home and at work. As the number of dual-income households increases and work style reforms see progress, many people now believe that work methods based on traditional values make performing jobs more difficult. Furthermore, those in there thirties now will shoulder a bulk of the responsibility on the path ahead to 2050, a time frame in which major problems such as declining birthrate, aging population, depopulation, aging infrastructure, climate change, and intensifying disasters are expected to have significant impacts.
This special feature consists of discussions on topics that include work styles, publicness, and the future, with a focus on the present and future of people in their thirties and the value of actions by individual civil engineers aimed at improving society. By sharing the reality facing people in their thirties today and increasing awareness regarding civil engineering by and for civil engineers in their thirties, this special feature aims to encourage discussions across age groups and provide an opportunity to readers to reconsider the meaning of working now in the changing field of civil engineering.

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