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vol.106 No.3 March 2021

The Road to Reconstruction 10 Years Out
- Joint Editing by Japan Society of Civil Engineers and Architectural Institute of Japan -

The progress made in reconstruction projects following the Great East Japan Earthquake is the result of civil engineering personnel involved in the reconstruction and recovery of community lifelines and infrastructure working together with construction personnel involved in rebuilding various aspects of life that include building projects and the very livelihoods of those affected by the earthquake. Edited jointly byArchitectural Institute of Japan and Japan Society of Civil Engineers, this special feature presents an opportunity to pause at the ten-year mark since the disaster and reflect on the recovery thus far. It is also an opportunity to consider the work to be tackled by construction and civil engineering over the next ten years as Japan aims to achieve an even stronger recovery, as well as recoveries following potential future disasters. The second half is composed of a project by JSCE focused on coastal areas along the Nankai Trough expected to be affected by disasters in the future. The purpose of this is to develop a multi-faceted understanding of the importance of pre-construction and relevant issues. Considering our position regarding the past and the future, our mission at the present is to envision reconstruction strategies for future generations where humankind and nature work together. Now is the time to overcome barriers born out of academics and technical fields, to share the achievements and challenges of the last ten years of reconstruction and forge ahead toward the necessary next steps.

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