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vol.104 No.10 October 2019

The Forefront and Potential of Green Infrastructure

This special feature deals with green infrastructure, covering relevant concepts, examples of its application, and its potential. Green infrastructure is an approach that utilizes various functions found in natural environments to achieve a wide range of results, such as increased regional appeal, improved residential environments, and disaster prevention and mitigation. Interest in green infrastructure is growing within the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism, local governments, and civic organizations. At the same time, its concepts and the perception of opportunities it provides remain somewhat unsystematic. Relevant definitions, systems, methodologies, and technologies must be better coordinated and more widely shared to expand the use of green infrastructure. This special feature offers a general look at its concepts and current state of adoption. The feature also covers a brainstorming session with experts and takes a look at nine case studies in Japan and other countries, exploring how the introduction of green infrastructure and related efforts work to revitalize local communities.


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