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vol.104 No.9 September 2019

Toward a More Resilient Society: Challenges of Civil Engineering in Addressing Extreme Threats of Natural Disasters

This feature explores the topic of creating a more resilient society in the face of the intensifying, extreme threats posed by natural disasters. It does so over three parts: the challenges facing Shikoku, the legacy of civil engineering at work today in Shikoku, and the making of a stronger, more ready Shikoku. First, we outline issues facing Shikoku that civil engineering must take on from the perspective of public administration, research, and disaster prevention with a particular focus on countermeasures against a potential Nankai Trough earthquake. Next, this feature showcases not only the latest civil engineering technologies but also looks at the civil engineering legacy that continues to function as social infrastructure today, supporting development in Shikoku amid its hard natural environments. This will include a look at civil engineering plans by 17th century scholar Nonaka Kenzan, civil engineering technology applications at Manno Lake, and the history of construction and the future of the Sameura Dam, as well as the Shikoku Pilgrimage and community development. Finally, we will discuss the future prospects of the construction of highways, the Honshu–Shikoku Bridge, and a railway network as measures to make Shikoku more resilient. Through such combination of topics, this special feature presents issues facing Shikoku and the ways in which civil engineering will address them.


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