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vol.104 No.8 August 2019

The appeal of ports and harbors
-People, goods, and information in harmony-

Surrounded by the sea, maritime transport has long prospered in Japan, with ports and harbors found throughout the country, playing a critical role in supporting the Japanese economy in the transport of goods, both within Japan and internationally. These ports and harbors are also places where people, goods, and information come together, meaning their role is not limited to transporting passengers; it also extends to providing space for people to relax and interact.
This feature will therefore approach topics based on three perspectives—understanding ports and harbors (learning about them), their appeal (inciting the desire to visit), and their future (giving hope)—aiming to encourage those less familiar with ports and harbors, especially students, to develop an interest, to go and see, to learn more in detail, and to develop a desire to engage in work related to ports and harbors in the future.


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