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vol.104 No.5 May 2019

Infrastructure Management: New Approaches from the Standpoint of Finance and Risk Management

Given national and local financial conditions and the deterioration of social capital, strategic initiatives are needed to provide safe and secure services to the public on a continuous basis with limited resources. This special feature will cover the future of this infrastructure management. Major examples of these initiatives include asset management and public-private partnerships. In recent years, one type of public-private partnership in particular has seen increasing introduction—concession systems, where the rights to operate facilities are granted to private enterprises. However, there is debate over the safety of entrusting infrastructure management to the private sector, as well as other related concerns. It is necessary to properly deal with such concerns based on objective and theoretical facts that can be attained through sorting out such issues as funding, the ensuring of safety, and risk management. This special feature will use various domestic and foreign initiatives to consider management necessary to optimize the operation and maintenance of infrastructure.


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