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vol.104 No.4 April 2019

The Future of Learning for Civil Engineers

The April 2019 issue focuses on the topic of “Thinking About Civil Engineers’ Learning in the Future.” Life is said to be a continuous learning process. Earning Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits has been one of the opportunities available for civil engineers to continue their education, however, there are many areas of concern in terms of how education should be conducted in the future. How should lifelong learning be approached? This special feature explores clues to solving this question in cooperation with CPD committee. Through questions posed by young engineers, roundtable discussions featuring civil engineers and human resource development professionals, various examples of engineer education, and learning tools currently employed, we look into possible ways to review the CPD system and offer ideas for the future. We hope to offer an opportunity for many of our readers to consider what kinds of learning will be necessary in the coming years.


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