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vol.104 No.2 February 2019

Civil Engineering in the Era of Shrinking Cities

This month’s magazine featured articles which regard issues and points of views focusing on nation’s challenges for depopulation and aging society, such as case studies of infrastructure development for shrinking cities, to help reconsider tasks of civil engineering. To understand the importance of having visions for the profession, it inevitable for civil engineers themselves to discuss and have images of the roles they need to play in the future. Therefore, for the first time of the history of the magazine, university students were gathered for round-table talk and not only exchanged opinions about the profession’s roles but also what they hope to contribute as future civil engineers. Published articles explained the field’s ability to respond flexibly against shifting problems in Japan. Editors only hope that readers understand the profession’s possibilities, and furthermore, use the opinions and ideas as references to make the visions come true against the current and unrealized problems in our society.


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