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Joint Company Information Session for Int'l students

Joint Company Information Session 2018

The IAC International Student Network Group holds “Joint Company Information Session in Civil Engineering for International Student 2018.”

What is Company Information Session?

The Session provides an opportunity for the international students in Japan to gain a understangding of Japanese construction industry. This is valuable information when a student is in pursuit of his career in Japan and help students to broaden their perspectives of the civil engineering profession.

What should I expect?

International strudents will meet the representative of Japanese construction companies in the session and please do not hestiate to ask them about the business activities, projects or latest technologies, and further job opportunities.

Typically, information sessions include:

    1) Presentation session: Showing a presentation outlining of the company.

    2) Booth session: International students will also have a question and answer period. Remember: Bring a list of questions.

How many comanies will participate in this session?

1) Eight-Japan Engineering Consultants Inc.

2) Obayashi Corporation

3) Katahira & Engineers International

4) Dai Nippon Construction

5) Toda Corporation

6) Nippon Koei co.,Ltd.

7) Hazama Ando Corporation

When?  & Where?

This session will be held from 13:00 to 17:00 on 17th November, 2018(Saturday).

The location is JSCE Headquarters (Yotsuya 1 chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) >>Please check the Map.

How to register this session? 

Please download the Application Form (To Download, Click Here) and send to IAC, JSCE. 

※Registration has been closed. Thank you for your application.


・The Registration Dead line: 9th November, 2018
・The Registration is Free
・This Session is oriented towards the International Students who are studying in Japan
・Registration is processed on a “First come First serve”

How do I prepare?

  • Research the company in advanced
  • Prepare questions to ask during/after the session


Koji Kevin Arai, IAC, JSCE

Summary Report

IAC News No. 77 (March 1, 2019): http://www.jsce-int.org/pub/iacnews/77

Past Events

Photos of the event in 2017.

                 Presentation Session                                                Booth Session

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