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vol.103 No.3 March 2018


Protection our lives from heavy rainfall disaster - aim for zero victims, making use of experience and lesson learned by past disasters -

As a result of extensive structural and non-structural measures since long ago across Japan, whose land is especially vulnerable to disasters due to heavy rainfall, the number of victims caused by these disasters has steadily declined. However, rainfalls have become more intense in recent years, and the number of resulting victims has not been successfully reduced to zero. A lost life cannot be recovered. Moreover, the adverse psychological impacts on the bereaved families and friends are immeasurable. If such a disaster occurs in a depopulated rural area, it will only lead to further attrition of the area. It is therefore necessary to aim for zero disaster victims due to heavy rainfall. In this special feature, we discussed non-structural measures in particular from the perspectives of findings of disaster investigations by the Japan Society of Civil Engineers and efforts by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, as well as the Japan Meteorological Agency, universities, local governments, and so on. We hope that this special feature will help Japan successfully reduce the number of disaster victims due to heavy rainfall to zero.


(02) the Special Discussion
TERASHIMA Jitsuro, OHISHI Hisakazu

(06) Feature article 1
Protection our lives from heavy rainfall disaster - Aim for zero victims, making use of experience and lesson learned by past disasters -

(08)Recent heavy rain disasters and their field surveys by JSCE

(12) Basic concept of non-structural measures of civil engineering against heavy rainfall disaster
KATADA Toshitaka

(16) Aim for zero victims by heavy rain disaster, issues to addressed urgently by administration, specialists and inhabitants.
NIHEI Yasuo, TSUCHIDA Takashi, YANO Shinichiro, SHIMIZU Yasuyuki

(22) MLIT's Measures against Recent Floods - Rebuilding Floodconscious Society -

(26) Efforts in Improving Weather Forecasting Techniques toward Enhancement of Disaster Prevention Weather Information Development of “Meso-scale Ensemble Prediction System”
FUJITA Tadashi

(28) A Study on Decision Making on Evacuation Judgment in the Event of Flood

(30) Self-help and mutual help to prepare for heavy rainfall disaster
TAKAGI Akiyoshi

(32) Lessons learned from Typhoon hitting Toyooka City
- Sublimation to Mayor's Summit on the Flood Disasters -
KAKIE Shigeto

(36) Further understanding of Aim for zero victims by heavy rainfall disaster

(38) Feature article 2
2016 Kumamoto Earthquake
- the first observed earthquake in which M6.5 and a larger earthquakes occurred continuously -

(40) Faults appeared in the Kumamoto earthquake and their investigation
TORII Masayuki

(42) Restoration situation of Slope Disaster - The Kumamoto earthquake that cut off the transportation network -

(46) Mitigated damage of expressway bridges - Seismic strengthening effect and emerging issue -

(48) Report of damaged bridges in Mashiki town and their current situation - Some considerations for better recovery of damaged bridges managed by local government -
KAJITA Yukihide

(50) Double strike of intensity 7 - Fore shock and main shock -

(52) Seismic Damage and Restoration State of Kumamoto Castle and Stone Bridges - Difficulty of Restoring Cultural Assets -
YAMAO Toshitaka

(56) The activities of Kumamoto university for build back better from 2016 Kumamoto earthquake - The activities of Mashiki Lab. -

(58) Admiration of Civil Engineering Heritages by JSCE:Civil Engineering Heritage Sites Section
Yuragawa Bridge - The Picturesque 24-Span Simply Supported Steel Plate Girder Bridge -

(60) Let's go abroad
Studying abroad in the UK, learning Eurocodes and unification of international design standard in the global construction industry.
SUZUKI Hironori

(62) Alumni of DOBOKU - The pages for people linked to Japan -
Conversion of career from an engineer to a faculty
Tzu-Ying Lee

(64) Report Experiment Facilities
A challenge to overcome technological gaps between regions through understanding locality of clayey soils in the world - Apparatus for direct shear test -
ASADA Hideyuki

(68) Numerical Analysis Seminar for Civil Engineer without a mathematical formula
The latest technology of Tsunami Simulation

(70) Let's try to learn great civil engineers
Goryo Hamaguchi - The great man who saved people from the tsunami in the famous story of “The Fire of Rice Sheaves”

(72) My Bookshelf
TEZUKA Masamichi

(73) JSCE Publications

(74) Professional Skills Necessary for Construction

(76) JSCE Member's Report
The symbol of reconstruction - Onahama Marine Bridge -

(80) Messages from outside

(82) Civil Engineering Topics
Revision of the Technical Standards for Port and Harbour Facilities

(86) Advisers' Column

(88) Pick and Choose Updates

(96) International Activities Center

(100) JSCE Update

(108) CE Careers

(110) JSCE Calendar

(112) Next Issues


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