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vol.103 No.1 January 2018


Revitalization of appealing construction industry

This special feature, geared primarily toward students majoring in civil engineering and young people involved in the construction industry, introduces the achieved social contributions and appeals of the construction industry from a variety of perspectives, as well as communicates how the construction is an industry that will always hold a lot of promise for those with the ambition to create.
The following subjects are covered in the articles, with special attention paid to their positive tone and readability: the current state of the construction industry and prospects for solving problems; the roles of the construction industry from the perspective of scientists and expectations for the industry; candid thoughts from mid-level engineers responsible for the next generation gleaned from a roundtable discussion; community contributions in rural areas; the communication of the appeals of construction to children and larger society; technological collaborations with different industries; and ambitious challenges the construction industry is able to undertake in order to contribute toward the construction of more comfortable and more advanced social infrastructure.
We also hope this special feature will lead to those of us involved in the construction industry to discover new appeals in our line of work.


(02) New Year greetings from the president
OHISHI Hisakazu

(03) Editiorial policy of JSCE Magazine 2018

(04) the Special Discussion
AOYAGI Masanori, OHISHI Hisakazu

(08) Admiration of Civil Engineering Heritages by JSCE:Civil Engineering Heritage Sites Section
Watarase Valley Railway related facilities group Civil engineering heritage which is responsible for the development of modern Japan
MATSUOKA Toshikazu

(10) Feature article
Revitalization of appealing construction industry

(12) An Opportunity to Transform Work Style for the Construction Industry - Improving the attractiveness of the industry through “i-Construction”-

(14) Observing the world through “Gravitational waves”. - The remote viewer in the universe has transformed a fantastic story into a reality -
OHASHI Masatake

(18) Conveying various attraction of the construction industry to the next generations
Aung Kyaw MIN, HASHIMOTO Mami, YASUDA Tomohiro, WATANABE Hiroko

(22) Contribution of local construction Industry in “August 2016 Hokkaido heavy rain disaster”
HAYASHI Toshihiro

(24) The efforts to inform of “the importance of civil engineering” through disaster prevention activities
FUJII Shunitsu

(26) Cooperation with a local community at a construction site - Activities to share the dam’s fascination -

(28) Roles of Research Institute as Showcase of Advanced Technologies - Dissemination of Fascinations through Technology Development and Facility Tour -

(30) From chemical products for household to admixture for concrete and to Fukushima
SASAKI Hirotaka

(32) For realization of environmental island of the future city concept GREEN FLOAT

(34) The role of construction industry in the future space exploration

(36) Further studies for the attractiveness of construction industry

(38) Let's go abroad
Turkmenistan Petrochemical Complex Plant-Plant Engineering Civil Design at Multi - Office in India and Korea -

(40) Alumni of DOBOKU - The pages for people linked to Japan -
Important roles of international collaboration between Japan and Vietnam in the development of civil engineering
Nguyen Hoang Giang

(42) Report Experiment Facilities
A 23-year-old experimental ecosystem - Intertidal Flat Experimental Facility -
KUWAE Tomohiro

(44) Numerical Analysis Seminar for Civil Engineer without a mathematical formula
Soil Skeleton and water coupled FEM analysis - Applicability to the problem of ground heaving caused by groundwater pressure during excavation work -
SUGIE Shigehiko

(46) Let's try to learn great civil engineers
Yoichi Hatta - the great engineer who contributed to the improvement of irrigation facilities in Taiwan
OGATA Hideki

(48) My Bookshelf

(49) JSCE Publications

(50) Professional Skills Necessary for Construction

(52) JSCE Member's Report
Concrete Placement of Yamba dam - Yamba dam main body construction -
ASADA Sho, NIBE Takashi

(56) Messages from outside

(58) Civil Engineering Topics
The slump of concrete discharged from agitating truck was changed into 12cm from 8cm. - Starting of operation of “Guideline on utilization of placing the concrete having 12cm of slump in site”-

(62) Advisers' Column

(64) International Activities Center

(66) JSCE Update

(70) News

(71) CE Careers

(74) JSCE Calendar

(80) Next Issues

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