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vol.102 No.12 December 2017


The essential of civil engineer

Japan is currently experiencing a change in demographics due to an aging population and a declining birth rate. With the development of AI and the IoT, a portion of the engineering that people were previously responsible for is expected to be mechanized and automated in the future.
This special feature focuses on the transfer of knowledge based on the premise that some technolgies need to be passed on to people while others will be subject to mechanization and automation. We will explore the quintessence of a civil engineer, the technical challenges to be passed onto future engineers, and how knowledge of technology should be transferred. We will establish an understanding of the current situation facing civil engineers, and we hope this special feature will serve as encouragement for determining future courses of action and conveying them to the next generation.


(02) the Special Discussion
HARA George, OHISHI Hisakazu

(06) Admiration of Civil Engineering Heritages by JSCE:Civil Engineering Heritage Sites Section
Viewpoint of civil engineering works inheritance, jetties of Lake Jusan

(08) Feature article
The essential of civil engineer

(10) Civil engineers' judgement required in the age of artificial intelligence(AI), automation, and mechanization

(14) Direction of civil engineering, future transmission of engineering skills
IMAISHI Takashi, FUJII Hisaya, MORIYAMA Yoichi, TATEYAMA Kazuyoshi

(20) Positioning and Mapping leads Country
TSURU Kosuke

(22) Essence of design technology as ICT progresses rapidly Construction consultant to self-change
KONUMA Keitaro

(24) Next-generation construction system centered on automation of construction machinery - The role of civil engineers in the innovative construction system -
MIURA Satoru

(26) Is it possible for robots to alternate a tight, dirty and dangerous work instead of construction workers ?

(28) Automated Technologies and Their Roles in Infrastructure Maintenance Will AI replace civil engineers ?

(30) New challenge to i-Construction - Construction management using VR・AR technology -

(32) Engineering tradition in college - Through Engineering Design Education -
KANDA Yusuke

(34) Essence of Technological folklore

(36) Further information of the essential of civil engineer

(38) Let's go abroad
Contribution to “Quality Infrastructure Investment” in Sri Lanka and Necessity of enhancement for global competitiveness -
SOTA Masakazu

(40) Alumni of DOBOKU - The pages for people linked to Japan -
Study and research experiences in Japan and works after returning from Japan
POR Sopheap

(42) Report Experiment Facilities
Learning to live with blowing-snow - Ishikari Blowing-Snow Test Field -

(44) Numerical Analysis Seminar for Civil Engineer without a mathematical formula
What happened to BEM after the boom

(46) Let's try to learn great civil engineers
Eugène Freyssinet - the great engineer who developed the PC technology for construction of wide range of structure
MORI Takuya

(48) My Bookshelf
KATO Hironori

(49) JSCE Publications

(50) Focusing again on potential of infrastructures

(52) JSCE Member's Report
Preservation activity of Bessho Sunadome and revitalization of community by local residents
HIGUCHI Teruhisa
Volunteer repair work by concrete consultant society member
- Record of the process before repair work of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park Monument “Heiwa no tomoshibi”

(60) Messages from outside
OZEKI Kenichi

(62) Advisers' Column

(64) International Activities Center

(67) JSCE Update

(96) Next Issues



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