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vol.102 No.11 November 2017


The pioneer to overcome a sanity problem in the world - For achievement of SDGs by an environmental engineering -

The earth is called a “water planet”. However, we can use only 0.7% of all water volume as freshwater. In addition, approximately 30% of people in the whole population cannot access safe drinking water. Thus, in this feature article, the focus is to bring attention to the world’s water sanitation problem. Moreover, most recently, the 2030 agenda for sustainable development was adopted in 2015 (sustainable development goals : SDGs).
Firstly, we introduced the sanitation problem in the world and the system in Japan to cooperate with developing countries for sanitation improvement. Next, we introduced the down-hanging sponge (DHS) reactor and membrane separation bioreactor for adaptation of sewage treatment. Moreover, the supporting of sewage pipes in Vietnam, pathogenic microorganisms problem in Bolivia and education of hygiene to school students in Mozambique were also introduced in this section. Finally, a roundtable discussion was held on the attractiveness and difficulty of doing business in developing countries as a summary of this feature article. The information of a book on the sanitation problem and water treatment, as well as a website were introduced in this magazine. If you are interested in this feature article, please check the book and website.


(02) Admiration of Civil Engineering Heritages by JSCE:Civil Engineering Heritage Sites Section
Hinoyama Battery Site, Modern defense of Shimonoseki Strait

(04) Feature article
The pioneer to overcome a sanitary problem in the world
- For achievement of SDGs by an environmental engineering -

(06) Towards to Sustainable Development Goals on Sanitation

(10) Experience in the Urban Development of Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Invitation to Speedy and Sustainable Development Race -

(12) JICA’s international cooperation toward achieving Sustainable Development Goal(s SDGs):
KONYA Kenichi

(14) Strategies and organization for promoting export of sewerage technologies
TAMOTO Norihide

(16) R&D on Appropriate Technology for Sewage Treatment in Developing Countries

(20) Application of membrane bioreactor for wastewater treatment in China - A case of full-amount recycling and reuse
Wang Xiaochang

(24) Technical support on efficient sewage pipe construction in Vietnam
MORITA Hiroaki

(26) Needs for safe wastewater use technology:Agricultural use of wastewater in Bolivia
MASAGO Yoshifum

(28) Construction of school latrines with hand wash facilities and hygiene promotion to encourage students’ initiative in rural area in Mozambique - Outcomes of the Project for Sustainable Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion in Niassa Province, Republic of Mozambique -
YOKOGI Shoichi, MIYAZAKI Akihiro

(30) I would like to make use of Japanese knowledge on water and sanitation problems in developing countries

(34) Introduce to understand the environmental problem in the world

(36) Let's go abroad
My second staying in Switzerland: publish or perish
NAKARAI Kenichiro

(40) Alumni of DOBOKU - The pages for people linked to Japan -
How My Education and Experience in Japan Transformed My Life
Madan Tandukar

(42) Report Experiment Facilities
Introduction of high-precision weight-falling impact loading test machine for structural member

(44) Numerical Analysis Seminar for Civil Engineer without a mathematical formula
Seismic response analysis for seismic design of port structures
OHYA Yousuke

(46) Let's try to learn great civil engineers
William Kinninmond Burton - the great engineer who had contributed to the development of sanitary engineering in Japan

(48) My Bookshelf
ABE Kazuhisa

(49) JSCE Publications

(50) The special interview with JSCE President
OHISHI Hisakazu

(54) JSCE Member's Report
Regional Cooperation with Junior High School Students in Naka Town, Tokushima - For the Future of Tokushima University Regional Revitalization School of Nyudani Cheering Team -
ONO Kaoru
Promoting the education and contributions of young engineers through new activities in JSCE Kansai Chapter
AOKI Shinichi

(60) Messages from outside

(62) Advisers' Column

(64) International Activities Center

(66) JSCE Update

(81) CE Careers

(84) JSCE Calendar

(86) Next Issues


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