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vol.102 No.8 August 2017


Do you feel comfortable in underground shopping center?
-Thinking about urban underground space-

Underground spaces are valuable in Japan, a small country in terms of national land area. They are particularly vital in urban areas. However, there are numerous challenges in using these spaces, including earthquake disaster prevention, safeguards against flooding and inundation, psychological stress inflicted by a closed space, and evacuation guidance in the event of disasters. The maintenance and improvement of such structures is also a major social problem. But at the same time, the scope of the utilization and development of underground spaces has expanded significantly. Previously, there were only specific types of shallow-depth underground facilities, including buried pipes, roads, and railways. At present, however, underground spaces have deepened greatly, and their uses have diversified to include sewage treatment plants, storage facilities, power generation facilities, and underground rivers. In addition, a variety of civil engineering surveys and research are being advanced in a wide range of fields.
This month's special feature is organized around the theme “Improvements in safety and comfort” in underground shopping centers and underground railway stations, places in urban areas where people gather in large numbers.


(02) Presidential Interview
OHISHI Hisakazu

(04) Admiration of Civil Engineering Heritages by JSCE:Civil Engineering Heritage Sites Section
Railway structures on Goshin Line of the former Japanese National Railways

(06) Feature article
Do you feel comfortable in Underground shopping center ?
-Thinking about Urban Underground Space-

(08) Changes and issues of underground space utilization
-For creating a more comfortable underground space-
SAKAI Kiichiro

(12) Realization of Safe and Secure Underground Environment through Reduction of Urban Underground Inundation

(14) To aim for “Comfortable and easy-to-understand underground space”
MITA Takesh

(16) Maintenance about Urban Underground Space Infrastructure Asset Management for long life and renewal
KUDO Yasuhiro

(18) Seismic refurbishment and renewal of the “Sanchika” (underground shopping center in Kobe)
HONDA Hajime

(20) Strategies to improve safety and security of ESCA

(22) Repairing the Underground Shopping Street in the Regional Core City Himeji
Inherit Memories of the City to Connect to the Future
SAWADA Katsuya

(24) Measures to inundation during local heavy rainfall in large-scale underground shopping centers of the urban area

(26) Nihonbashi underground space development, in now and future -Viewpoints from sustained efforts by public-privateacademia partnerships-

(28) Underground Space Development around Shibuya Station

(32) The Future of Urban Underground Space, Developed by Cooperation between the Participants
NOYAKI Kazufumi, FUTAKUCHI Shojiro, SHIRANE Tetsuya,
KISHII Takayuki

(36) Consideration for Urban Underground Space

(38) Let's go abroad
Study report from Ecole nationale des ponts et chausses -My experience on the double degree program-

(40) Alumni of DOBOKU -The pages for people linked to Japan-
Japan Infrastructure Alumni and Its Collaboration with Infrastructure Engineering Program in Vietnam Japan University
Phan Le Binh

(42) Report Experiment Facilities
Learn from deteriorated bridges -Practical training facilities for maintenance engineers-
HANJI Takeshi

(44) Numerical Analysis Seminar for Civil Engineer without a mathematical formula
Gas-liquid two phase flows in ocean breaking waves

(46) Let’s try to learn great civil engineers
Noritsugu Hayakawa -the great engineer who worked for development of subway in Japan-
KAYAMA Hiroyuki

(48) My Bookshelf

(49) JSCE Publications

(50) Focusing again on potential of infrastructures

(52) JSCE Member's Report
Tsutawarudoboku -Promote understanding of the importance of civil engineering from Kyushu

(56) Messages from outside

(58) Advisers' Column

(60) International Activities Center

(62) JSCE Update

(71) News

(72) CE Careers

(77) JSCE Calendar

(80) Next Issues


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