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JSCE President 2017-2018

第105代会長 大石 久和

Hisakazu OHISHI

Term : June 2017 - May 2018
Date of Birth : April 2, 1945

Brief Profile

2016 to date President, Japan Construction Engineers’ Association
2013 Director General of Policy Research Institute for Country-ology, Japan Institute of Country-ology and Engineering
2004 President, Japan Institute of Construction Engineering
2002 Vice Minister for Engineering Affairs, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
1999 Director-General, Road Bureau, Ministry of Construction
1996 Assistant Vice-Minister for Engineering Affairs, Minister’s Secretariat, Ministry of Construction
1995 Director, Road Environment Planning Division, Road Bureau, Ministry of Construction
1993 Director, Integrated Traffic Policy Division, Planning and Coordination Bureau, National Land Agency
1970 Ministry of Construction, Japan
1970 M. Eng., Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering

Activities in JSCE

FY 2016 JSCE President-Elect
FY 2015 JSCE Honorary Member
FY 2014 Vice-Chair of JSCE Media Strategy Committee
FY 2012 Chair of Sub-Committee for JSCE Media Action Plan
FY1997-1998 JSCE Board of Director
FY1994 JSCE Fellow
1967 JSCE member

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