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vol.102 No.2 February 2017


Feature article : Management of Overseas Project -Responding to divesifying needs-

While domestic construction demand has been robust recently, this demand is expected to shrink in the future. Considering this, it is important that Japanese enterprises respond to the strong overseas demand for infrastructure development and contribute internationally, as well as develop their overseas businesses as an earnings base. In turn, business structures related to overseas infrastructure development are diversifying, and it is all the more necessary for each enterprise to respond to varying needs by venturing beyond conventional methods of operation. Therefore, this special feature is focused on the project management of private enterprises participating in each stage of the planning, designing, and construction of overseas projects. As each project has its specifics in terms of business structure and contract style, we introduce organization and methods each enterprise is employing in executing its projects. In this special feature, we introduce numerous overseas projects currently in progress, providing an opprotunity to catch a glimpse of the activities of leading Japanese companies and engineers.


(02) Message from the President
TASHIRO Tamiharu

(04) Admiration of Civil Engineering Heritages by JSCE : Civil Engineering Heritage Sites Section
Bessho Sunadome -The Largest number of erosion control dams in the Edo Period-
HIGUCHI Teruhisa

(06) Feature article
Management of Overseas Project -Responding to divesifying needs-

(08) Contractual Management in Overseas Construction Projects
OZAWA Kazumasa

(12) Recent topics and perspectives on Official Development Assistance (ODA)
KOIZUMI Yukihiko, NANAKA Fusato

(16) Roles and Highlights of International Engineering Consultants
KITANO Tomoyuki

(18) Design-Build Mass Transit Project in Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta -General Contractor's View-
YASUI Mitsuru, SAKAMOTO Masanobu

(20) Western Dedicated Freight Corridor Project between Delhi and Mumbai -The Dedicated Freight Corridor that will Shape the Future of India-

(22) An Innovative Approach to a Challenging Public Project in the US

(24) Dream to Reality;1200km Highway connecting Maghreb -Taking part of Algeria East West Highway Project-
IMAMURA Toshiaki

(26) Brief of Overseas Plant Project and Topics of Crisis Management in Middle East
KUGOU Nobutoshi

(28) Learn from a Foreign Contractor -VINCI's Overseas Business Strategy-
Christophe MARTIN, YAMAGUCHI Yoshihiro

(32) Winnable Project Management for the Future of Overseas Project

(36) References for people who join overseas projects

(38)Let's go abroad
Studying abroad in Thailand, Asian Institute of Technology -Aiming at contribution to globalization of civil engineering of Japan-

(40) Report Experiment Facilities
Clarification of a disaster mechanism and verification of an innovative technology under the reproduced various heavy rainfall condition -Large-scale reinfall simulator-

(42) Numerical Analysis Seminar for Civil Engineer without a mathematical formula
What can be analyzed by free geochemical code "PHREEQC"
TOKORO Chiharu

(44) Let’s try to learn great civil engineers
Isambard Kingdom Brunel -the great engineer who worked and looked for the next centuries-
SATA Kenkichi

(46) My Bookshelf
SADA Tatsunori

(47) JSCE Publications

(48) Power of Careers in Civil Engineering

(50) JSCE Member's Report
The beginning of Doboku Café and Report of Doboku+Manga Exhibition

(54) NIED's information-sharing Operations for the Disaster Response to "Kumamoto Earthquake".
USUDA Yuichiro, HANASHIMA Makoto

(58) Messages from outside
GOTO Kyukei

(60) Advisers' Column

(62) International Activities Center

(64) JSCE Update

(67) CE Careers

(70) JSCE Calendar

(72) Next Issues


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