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Diversity Committee of Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) released "D&I Action Statement" on June, 4 2015

【JSCE Diversity and Inclusion Action Statement】

Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) has released “JSCE Diversity and Inclusion Action Statement” (the “D & I Statement”) in May 2015. This statement was composed by the Diversity Committee which was first established as the Special Committee for Gender Issues in 2004, and has been the main body in JSCE to work on issues related to equal opportunity among genders and diversity & inclusion. Its achievement includes publishing a book entitled “Career guide for women civil engineers”, and promoting women members in committees and/or board of directors.

The D & I Statement is one of the first announcement on promotion of diversity not only by JSCE but also by academic societies of STEM fields in Japan. The statement is accompanied by the appendix that includes terminology, statics, references and a poster (Fig.1). The poster describes diversity by Japanese traditional rice balls that vary home to home and place to place.

Three keywords explain promoting Diversity & Inclusion in Japan’s construction related industries (Fig. 2): “Acceptance”, “Enhancement” and “Development.” It leads to accept difference of stakeholders, to fully utilize the diverse human resources by enhancing planning, constructing and operating the infrastructures, and at last, to develop an attractive industry by nurturing members and organizations. Along with these keywords, the statement describes the roles of each stakeholder such as the committee and JSCE, industries, governments and universities, and each member.

Although the diversity in the industry is still way behind from the goal (actually women accounts for only 4% of JSCE members and more than half of women members are under age 30), JSCE will take initiatives to achieve D & I in the industry. The initiatives include the discussion session at the 70th JSCE Annual Meeting at Okayama in September 2015.

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